Do You Ever Feel Like Fighting Foo?

21 02 2007

After a long day of work, one usually heads to his or her favorite establishment to partake in what we call unwinding. Everyone heads to a different place. Some head to the local pub and participate in the community lush contests. Some even head to a nearby hotel, because their loved one has kicked them out of their house.

Me? I went home…

{ Random Thought: If I have to hear another comment about Britney Spears’ shaved head, I just might have to go Festivus on someone. }

So on the way home, I turn on my iPod and watch the first video in my super cool video playlist, and in an instant I experience my daily moment of Zen. Would you like to see it? Would ya? I know you do… Go on… Take a look…

{ Poll: How many of you feel the exact same way Ling Ling does in that video? }

What do I do when I get home? Wii, of course! What other way to sustain a certain level of Anti-Social than to Wii the night away! Well okay, I wouldn’t be writing this post if I was in Night-long Wii Mode. If you haven’t Wii’d yet, I highly recommend it. It blows Sony’s Piece of Crapstation out of the water. Can you tell how much time I dedicate to hating Sony?

Sometimes I really wonder what Foo actually is, or why we even bother fighting it… Won’t you tell me Mr. Grohl?





One response

22 02 2007

As far as I’m concerned, DaveG can fight for whatever he wants… Mhhh… Grohl…

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