Wii Would Like To Google

23 02 2007

Google! Microsofted again!

It seems like Google is taking on Microsoft head on. Good for you Google! But be careful. The last thing you need is Bill Gates going Vista on your Apps! I can’t wait for the day that Google finally takes over the world, and implants Google Chips (Thanks Mike) into our heads, giving us instant Hu-Fi access to Keyword Searching, Photos, Videos, Maps and much more! Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, Hu-Fi is just Google Talk for Human Fidelity, not to be confused with the soon-to-be-lame Wi-Fi, or Wiggety-Whack Fidelity.

Oh Microsoft! It seems like Apple is taking a major bite out of your thunder. Go Apple! You’ve provided me with my Daily Moment of Zen!

{ Caution: This next paragraph might only be understood by Mets Fans or Baseball Fans alike }

I’ve been seriously slacking in my Mets-Tracking, so I decided it was time to make my rounds. After a few website visits, I stumbled upon an Mets.com article about the Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy Who? Apparently, this guy says that his Phillies are the team to beat in the National League East. Wow… Despite having a great record during the second half of the 2006 season, your Phillies still finished, what, 12 Games behind… *Gasp!*… The Mets? Shea it ain’t so! Good Luck Mr. Rollins. Good Luck…

Flava Mets

{ And back to reality! }

In other news, I’ve fallen victim to what is known in the gaming world as Wii Elbow. Well okay, my elbow doesn’t hurt, but my *Remote Arm* is a little tweaked, and it’s all thanks to the super sweet Legend of Zelda! Thanks Nintendo!

If you’d like to help out a couple of sweet musicians, send them your Vote here. It’ll send them to Austin, TX for the chance to win some major exposure! Wait, I’m one of those guys, so let me try this again…

{ Take 2 }

If you’d like to help Soundscape Soul (my band with Matt Aronson) get flown down to Austin, TX for the chance to win some major exposure, send them your Vote here!





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