At Least It Wasn’t E. Coli

25 02 2007

Right? Am I right? No? Didn’t think so…

Okay, let’s clear something up. Just because I’m a New Yorker doesn’t mean I am “one” with the KFC/Taco Bell Rats! Those rats were on a mission and I, for one, wasn’t about to freak out about it. They were hungry rats. I get it. Why? Because I have a pet gerbil. And he’s not just any gerbil. He’s an Albino (Might be Partially Blind) gerbil.


Yeah.. he’s been through a lot. But are people really going crazy about this sudden rat takeover? It’s KFC and Taco Bell! I say to these rats, infest! If you can overrun the KFCs and Taco Bells of America, then more power to you. Heck, I’ll even start waving at you when I see you scampering along the subway tracks. Fight the good fight, rats of New York, for you have provided me with my Daily Moment of Zen.

On a less stomach-churning topic, am I the only person in all of New York City that doesn’t plan on forcing myself to watch the Oscars? I’m more of a Grammys guy, and I seem to be getting a lot of heat for not watching them. Oh well, at least baseball season is back. Go Zephyrs! Who? Didn’t you know? The Mets lost their AAA Team in Norfolk and had to settle for a team in New Orleans.

{ New York Mets Question of the Week: How long will Lastings Milledge play in New Orleans before the Mets (A) call him up? (B) trade him? }

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Sometimes all you need is a little push of the reset button. Go on… Close your eyes, visualize the button, and push…

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One response

25 02 2007
Miss Pissy

Uhhhhhhhhhh . . .
Okay mystery rodent boy! Let me tell you a thing or two . . . or three . . .

1) ‘I’ have a pet gerbil, not YOU.

2) It was you who told the rats to invade Taco Bell/KFC, Wasn’t it? Why them!?!? Why not McDonalds or Burger King??? Just leave out Wendy’s, and I’ll be good.

3) Uhhh . . . Can I push your reset button??? I don’t have one. ='(

4) She says “That’s just disgusting.” Not “Shit’s disgusting” (This one is for all the people who have their mind in the gutter. Shit’s disgusting!!!)

See, I told you that I only had three things to tell you! =D

Uhhh . . . okay, I’m done.

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