5 Second Movies on The V

27 02 2007

Have you ever watched a movie that you just want to finish? A movie that’s boring, or just plain lame? If that’s the case, then 5 Second Movies might be for you. Although I wasn’t bored of this movie, I was able to find one of my favorite movies of all time in 5-Second format. It was all made possible by YouTube User, “GuyWithTheGlasses“. If you haven’t seen his 5 Second Movies (sometimes a tad longer), then you haven’t seen 5 Second Movies… wait, that doesn’t make sense… anyway, click on his name (up there) and check out his 5 Second Movie Madness. But before you do, enjoy my Daily Moment of Zen, and one of my favorite movies of all time, in 5 Seconds!

Enjoy? (Please Circle Your Answer)
A – Yes I did { Sweet! I’m glad you did! }
B – No I didn’t { You must like the Barbie cartoon movies, don’t you! }

Does anyone else hate the V train as much as I do? I’d write what I think the “V” stands for, but that would be a little too predictable, and I don’t want to put my randomness at risk. Though the V runs extremely slow, I will admit, the people who travel on that train are pretty interesting people. Ever meet the “5th Avenue Homeless Woman Hater” Man? That guy’s hilarious! Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s hilarious, but the stuff he yells about is downright disgusting and wrong. Some girl must’ve really ripped this guys heart from his chest. If I run into him again, I’ll have to remember to write down one of his famous lines. He’s a classic subway dweller, along with Lexington Avenue’s “Yell at a Random Train Rider from the Platform” Girl, and West 4th’s own “Not Gonna Lie, I’m Gonna Use This Money For Crack” Man.

I didn’t watch all of the Oscars. In fact, I only watched the best short film EVER win an Oscar, and then shut it off. What short film was it, might you ask? It was none other than West Bank Story! Check out the Trailer… Hilarious!

Hmm… a lot of videos in this post. Sweet?




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