Oy! Religious Puck? No Fare!

2 03 2007

Can you believe it’s March already? After the somewhat sweet weather today, I sure can! Shut up, Richard… Anyone wanna go see ‘Music and Lyrics’? (Totally Joking!) If anything, you should be watching my Daily Moment of Zen…. right… now!

Karen Carpenter… What a tragedy that was. One of the most beautiful voices to ever grace our ears… taken away from us. But that wasn’t the point of that clip… or was it?

{ Giveaway of the Day: Leave a comment with your favorite *Fusion Food*. The comment that expresses the wackiest, goofiest, and most creative Fusion Food wins a free mp3 from Soundscape Soul, my band. }

At some point today, I was having a conversation about Judaism and Mormonism. How did I end up in that discussion? It all started with: “So I was riding my bike, and a religious-looking Jewish man approached me. He asked me, ‘are you Jewish’? Is that something they normally do?”. Yes, I walk around all day, stopping people dead in their tracks, and confirming their Judaic status… Okay, I’m not religious, and I don’t do that. But I’m sure you could imagine the reputation I would build up if I did, right?… right?… hello?… Darn it, lost my audience again! Come back!

Feel like promoting my blog? If you do, then you totally rock! To help you in your efforts of blog promoting, I made this nifty banner. It’s just a smaller version of the title banner, but it’s pretty sweet! Enjoy, and spread the word! (Only if you want to… please?… you know you want to… right? You do… don’t you?)

Blog Banner

Isn’t it pretty? huh? isn’t it?

Ever decide that it’s been way too long since you’ve REALLY listened to the music in your iTunes Library? Tonight is that night for me. It’s been way too long since I’ve put my library on shuffle and just let it go. Why is this important to write about? Because I stumbled on a song that took me back.. way back.. back to the day.. which was a wednesday in fact. What song? It’s non other than City High’s “What Would You Do? Anyone remember the real lone survivor of that short-lived group? If you instantly thought, “Oh! I know! Claudette Ortiz!”, then I commend your knowledge of the music industry!

{ J Soul’s Wii Fitness Age: 29 }

Now that’s something to be proud of. A video game telling me just how fit I am, based on how skilled I am with the Wii Remote. Nintendo has just created the future… Word!

Wii Coffee Stirring, anyone? Maybe a little Wii Air-Traffic Controller?




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