Help A Blogger Out, Sweet?

6 03 2007

If you’ve been reading my blog, and enjoying it, your help would be incredible appreciated with this post. So, here it goes… My Band, Soundscape Soul, is involved in a huge online competition. We could win the chance to play in a Live Webcasted Performance to be deemed the first ever “FameCast Fenom”. The Grand Prize is $10,000 and a ton of promotion to Top Tier talent agencies galore! So, without further adieu, I give you the body of the promotional email that I’ve been sending out. If you can help, follow the instructions, send us your vote, and pass the word around. Thanks again!

**** Promotional Email – START ****

FameCast Round 3

Thanks to your help, and the help of all of our fans, we’ve successfully moved on to the Top 25 in the FameCast Fenom Competition. Now that we’re in such a small class of Artists and Bands, the competition is about to get tighter. Round 3 is now underway, and the Top 10 is in our sights. With your help, yet again, your votes can bring us closer to being a Top 5 Artist! Here’s how you can vote:

1) Head to our voting page at:
– If that doesn’t work, try Clicking Here
2) Click on the *Vote for this Artist* icon to the right of our video
3) Register for a Free Listener Account or Login to your already existing account
4) Use the above URLs to get back to our voting page
5) Click on the *Vote for this Artist* icon to the right of our video

It’s as easy as that, and it takes less than 3 to 5 minutes. What else can you do to help rack up the votes? Spread the word by telling your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else you know who has access to a computer and the internet! The easiest way to help is to forward this email to anybody you know! We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate all of your dedication and support! Keep on being you!

**** Promotional Email – END ****

Well, there you have it. If you have 3-5 minutes to cast your vote, then you’re awesome! If you could help spread the word, even awesome-er (I know, I botched that one). If not to either one, it’s totally cool. You’re doing a pair of up-and-coming artists a great service!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about my Daily Moment of Zen. Today’s clip is one that revived my faith in the Music Industry. Three incredible performers, playing together on the Music Industry’s biggest stage! Enjoy today’s clip, and vote away! Thanks again!




One response

6 03 2007

Done and done. I really hope you make the Top Ten. I’ll give you a shout-out on Friday’s blog.

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