Fantastic Instant Viral Excuses (aka: Five)

15 03 2007

Here are Five things that you might not know about me, especially if you’re a new reader or have no clue how you wound up reading my blog.

Oh yeah, Tag! Rebecca, You’re It! Ashley, You’re It Too!

1) New York City makes me sick. Literally. I feel like I have a year-long cold when I’m in any of the Five Boroughs. How do I know this has any truth? That the city could cause my seemingly endless sickness? I spent my college years in Oneonta, NY. In Upstate New York, the air is as blue as the crayon named “Sky Blue”. You can breathe without feeling the need to hoarf every time you breathe too deeply. Every time I went home to Queens for a break, or inbetween semesters, I automatically caught a nasty and violent cold for at least the first 4 or 5 days I was home. Sometimes I would be sick for the entire duration of a break from school. But wouldn’t you know it… when I got back to Oneonta, I was miraculously cured by the day after I returned! Damn NYC Smog…

NYC Smog

2) I’m a Mexican Polish Jew. I bet you would’ve never guessed that! If I’m not the textbook definition of a Mutt, then I don’t know what I am!

P-Mex Flag

3) I auditioned for Double-Dare at Universal Studios in Florida. Yep, tis true, but I never made it on to the show. Here’s what went down:
a – Clinched the 3rd and final winning spot in “Simon Says”
b – Lost in an “Orange-Rolling” Competition

Double Dare

Now.. how can anyone lose in an Orange-Rolling Competition? We had to roll an orange across the stage… with our Noses! That didn’t seem too hard, or did it? What was my downfall? The two girls I had to face were incredibly tall compared to me. So naturally, their oranges made it to the other side of the stage while I was barely halfway there. Talk about size doesn’t matter…. yeah… my ass!

4) You Can’t Do That On Television (aka: My Daily Moment of Zen)

This show was and always will be my biggest TV Obsession. Why won’t Nickelodeon *cough cough*, I mean Viacom… Why won’t Viacom dig deep into the Archives of Nickelodeon and release this show on DVD!? This show was and always will be, and I quote, “The Best Kids Show in Television History”.

5) New York Mets Baseball. Die Hard since 1985!

Mets Clinch 2006




2 responses

16 03 2007
Miss Pissy

Ummm . . . Kay.
Believe it or not, I knew ALL of this before reading this.
So there! =P

16 03 2007
J Soul

Well Duh… Sister! ;)

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