Top 10 Awesomely Lame Music Videos: Boy Bands

16 04 2007


My sister, the pop/boy band junkie, has inspired me with her most recent blog post. Therefore, I’ve decided to initiate a new tradition here on the blog: The Top 10 Awesomely Lame Music Videos. Today’s victim? Boy Bands! from New Kids on the Block to *NSYNC, my sister and I have compiled the best of the worst, along with some expert analysis from both of us. So, without further adieu, I give you the Top 10 Awesomely Lame Boy Band Music Videos!

#10: No Mercy – Where Do You Go

Menudo made a comeback? Oh wait… they’re still around, aren’t they… Unfortunately, the Beach/Girls/Party combination wasn’t enough to save this catchy video’s song from making the back-end of this list.

#9: 98 Degrees – The Hardest Thing

Rule #12 in the book of how to pick up a Las Vegas Showgirl: Become a Boxer, get beaten… badly, get girl (in that exact order)

#8: B2K – Uh Huh

Uh… huh…

#7: LFO – Summer Girls

Instead of getting my “Abercrombie & Fitch” catalog in the mail, I get it on my TV screen! I would’ve put this video in the Top 5, but it was lacking that… how do you say… nevermind, it was lacking…

#6: Five – When The Lights Go Out (UK Version)

Somebody turn the lights back on! For the love of god, turn them on!

#5: New Kids on the Block – Please Don’t Go Girl

Concept? Anyone? is that Brooklyn I see? Does anyone actually call them N.K.O.T.B.?

#4: 2Gether – U + Me = Us (Calculus)

Did you see Kevin Farley? Did you? It’s Kevin Farley!!! This incredible mock up of a Boy Band was just enough to inch past the New Kids

#3: O-Town – Liquid Dreams

Whoever gave these guys the right to perform a song about “Liquid Dreams” gave hope to all “Liquid Dreamers” across the globe! Dream on with your bad selves!

#2: Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Haunted House, Scary Mansion, or whatever you wanna call it… It all seems so familiar.. almost, Disney? or was it… Scooby Doo? As concept-less as this video seems, it wasn’t quite good enough to crack the #1 spot. (Note: Mummies are not Sexy, okay Nick?)

#1: *NSYNC – Here We Go
Girls… Parties… Basketball!? Did High School Musical come out with a Prequel? Unless I see Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James slam dunking to the music, I just don’t see the connection… at all! Congratulations *NSYNC, you’ve made the #1 Awesomely Lame Boy Band Music Video!

And now… the consolation prize (and my Daily Moment of Zen) goes to…

Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison

I’m officially speechless…




3 responses

17 04 2007
Evil Little Sister

You know, without me, you only would have had NKOTB, 2Gether, & Backstreet Boys. It’s a good thing I was once a teenie bopper, huh? =P Oh, and on the Bell Biv DeVoe video . . . Can we say, green screen it? Come on everyone, say it with me now. “Green screen it.” at one point, it looked like they were dancing on a girls foot. No wonder they can’t get no play! I can’t stop watching *NSYNC’s video for “Here We Go”. I still think it’s funny how you didn’t know it existed. I don’t care if they have the suckiest video, they still rule! and JC makes me giggle. =) *giggle*

17 04 2007

Excellent list. I approve. I really *hate* that LFO song. Could there be worse lyrics??? I don’t think I’ve ever sat through the entire video for that reason.

*tries again*

Yeah, no.

And as for “Here We Go”? There are no words. It really is only very slightly worse, though, than the original I Want You Back with the nylon zip shirts, the space ship and Joey with Restless Shoulder Syndrome!

18 04 2007

My friend Cami–the one you are “debating” on the Mayer/Simpson issue–used to make me listen to Back Street Boys in the car and identify the singer. If I said Nick and it wasn’t Nick, like if it was Joey, she’d rewind and we’d listen again until I got it right. This was painful to say the least. I’ve since graduated from he Back Street Immersion Program and consider myself proficient, if no longer fluent.

Awesome post. I also enjoyed how our boss couldn’t drum to Boy Band beats.

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