Spell Easy NY.

1 05 2007

Cleverly Advertised, or Unintentionally Misspelled? That was the question I asked myself when I saw one of Reebok’s new poster advertisements while riding the amazing F train to work this morning. As I’m sure you know, the New York City transit system is flooded with clever and dull advertisements. I’m a little torn between loving and hating the advertisement I saw this morning.

Reebok AdvertisementSo, not everything needs to be done in a New York Minute…. wait.. I mean.. eveything… huh? Wait a sec, did I fail a spelling bee or something?

On first glance, I was a bit confused. Was I supposed to pronounce “Eveything” as a “New Yawker”, to match the stereotypical accent? Was somebody about to get fired for a misspelling that could be seen “eveywhere”? Or was this advertisement put together in a New York Minute? I’m going with the 3rd guess. This is probably one of the most clever advertisements I’ve seen in a long time. It was clever enough to get me to head to Reebok’s website and check out some new kicks. Not only that, but it’s a nice message. Basically, we should all run at our own pace. Live life at our own speed. I like it. Well done Reebok!

And now, it’s time for my Daily Moment of Zen. Have you tried Ecstasy lately?




One response

1 05 2007

Sweet. I’m going to stat leaving the “r’s out of my wods when I spell and see how long it takes fo anyone to notice. Won’t that be fun? Thn I’ll mov on to somthing cool lik “e”s and stuff! Woot!

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