3 05 2007

Well, Reebok, you almost had me. I was all set to check out your website and pick up a new set of kicks after I saw your cleverly misspelled advertisement (See Previous Post). But this morning, I saw the same advertisement, only spelled correctly! Are you trying to take us New Yorkers for fools, or did somebody really misspell the advertisement? I love catchy advertisements, and I love seeing the advertisements that plaster the New York City transit system… but be consistent.

Reebok Correct 2
Exhibit A

Reebok Advertisement
Exhibit B

Wait… you know what? Nevermind. Whoever misspelled the advertisement, should be the president of Reebok! At least he’ll be able to encourage Grammar in New York City!

Daily Moment of Zen? Anyone? Yes? Sweet! Oh… hold on a second. Before I show you the Zen, I have to apologize in advance. If anyone gets grossed out, or offended by today’s Zen, then I’m sorry… Not!! (Borat reference? anyone?)

Gunther, anyone? Ding Ding Dong much?

Oh yeah… the F Train was lame again today. Hooray F Train!




3 responses

3 05 2007

Ok, I’m laughing to hard to come up with something intelligent!

3 05 2007

And look, I misspelled “too.” Maybe I should work for Reebok.

5 02 2008
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[…] to Perfectville 5 02 2008 Months ago, I trashed Reebok for allowing a misprinted advertisement to be posted on the NYC subways. Hopefully, nobody was fired, but who knows. But today, I’m […]

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