And Don Imus Got Fired?

3 05 2007

I took the title of this post from a comment left on a YouTube video that I’m about to post for you. I had an Imus/Sharpton post on here during the whole Rutgers meltdown. But after seeing this video, I’m left speechless. On one hand, I found the following video to be hilariously funny. On the other side, I couldn’t believe somebody actually produced a video like this. Now, I know, times have changed… but try producing this video today and I think it would be mighty hard to pass it through any label’s doors.

So, without any further wait, and thanks to Josh, here’s my Daily Moment of Zen (I’ve Zen’d it because it’s funny… seriously… it’s funny… you don’t have to believe me, but believe me, it’s funny!)

Too much for you? Okay, here’s an Alternate Moment of Zen. Enjoy!

Gunther is the man, no? Yep, I meant “No”… did you think “Yes”? Forshame!




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