Disney World – Gaza Style

9 05 2007

I came home from work, checked my email, and made some dinner… It was the typical routine for me after a long day in the office. But today was a little different. My sister came home and showed me the front page of a local newspaper. what was on the front page? This!

Mickey Mouse Hamas

Are you kidding me? And we’re all worried about Barry Bonds and steroids? And we’re all worried about Paris Hilton and her 45-day jail sentence? And we’re all worried about American Idol? Give me a break! Mickey Mouse has been taken to a whole new level (thanks to Al Aqsa TV) by spreading a very chilling message of hate. Disney, if you’re watching, I hope you’re doing *something*, because I’m sure Walt is rolling in his grave!

(Note: If you have children, this might hit home a little harder for you. As disgusting and hateful as this video is, I feel obligated to share it in order to show everyone that there are more important things going on in this world to be worried about than Barry Bonds or Paris Hilton)

And I thought Fox News was bad… Yikes…




One response

9 05 2007

All right…as someone who has every right to begrudge the mouse, I can’t even finish watching this.

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