My Uncle – The Mets Fan

13 05 2007

Did everyone have a wonderful Mothers Day? I went to my grandparents’ in Little Neck and had an early dinner for Mothers Day. Usually, the day is supposed to belong to my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother… but times have changed… and this day, this year, belonged to my uncle! You see, I live in a family of Mets Fans (except for my grandmother, who is secretly a Yankees Fan). Today, we had a family friend come over who happened to be a Yankees Fan. No harm, no foul, right? My uncle was just making common Mets/Yankees conversation (more along the lines of “I Hate The Yankees!”). But after our family friend left, my uncle took the stage, and went on an interesting rant.

So, without any more introduction, I give you… My Uncle! (or, in other words, my Daily Moment of Zen!)

I love living in a family of Mets fans!

Okay, so if that video didn’t do it for you, then how about the return of Peter! Welcome back Peter!




3 responses

14 05 2007
Evil Little Sister

That’s our uncle! =P

Onomatopoeia – C . . .

18 05 2007
Humor Blog

I only wish I had a family of Mets fans.

26 03 2008
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