Stuck in Whitlock

15 05 2007

It feels like ages since I’ve heard anything about Don Imus and his harem of ho’s, but that all changed this morning. While browsing SNY‘s YouTube videos, I was introduced to Jason Whitlock, a sports writer for the Kansas City Star. In the video I’m about to post, he offers some insight on how the Imus situation was mishandled. Somebody give this guy Al Sharpton’s job, please!

Mr. Whitlock, if you ever feel the need to take over for the troublemaker (aka: Angry Al), you have my vote (Purely based on the point you made at the end of that video). Better yet, I’ll show you my gratitude in the form of my Daily Moment of Zen. Enjoy!

Anybody need a flying elephant?




One response

15 05 2007

The crows from Dumbo, huh? Might one of those crows be our boss?

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