In Need of a Message?

28 06 2007

I’m not one to thrust myself into the issues of the world, but I’m not going to sit around and keep quiet either. With all of the constant struggle facing the world around us, it seems very commonplace for people to rise up, speak out, and spread messages of change, love, and good will. I’ve always believed that spreading those uplifting (and sometimes rebellious) messages is best done in song. Music has an amazing effect on our lives, no matter what the sound or feel. I’d like to share with you all, a song that was written by a good friend of mine, Erez Singer, from Israel. He had me to ‘touch up’ his lyrics (because of his below-average English) and allowed me to perform the song with my partner in musical-crime, Matt Aronson during our performances. The song is called “Freedom”, and it was written in remembrance of those who lost their lives during the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and was first performed at The Knitting Factory in New York City in November of 2005.

Whether you dug it, or passed on it, I’m glad I got to share that video with all of you. Staying on the theme of songs with a message, this next video is from one of the greatest bands to ever grace a stage (in my opinion). Tears for Fears was always will be notorious for writing songs with a purpose. That’s why I give you today’s Daily Moment of Zen, Tears for Fears “Sowing The Seeds of Love”, live and empowering! Enjoy!

Anything is possible…




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