The Legend Returns

6 07 2007

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is only about a year from being over. Sylvester Stallone has reunited with his classic role as John Rambo for a 4th installment of the *Man-Cult Classic* Rambo movies! Who doesn’t like watching John Rambo rip internal organs from the bodies of our enemies? Why wouldn’t you want to watch John Rambo blast our enemies to bloody bits? The amount of joy in my heart, or the grin on my face won’t be able to tell you how much this 4th installment means to me, and millions of Testosterone-Driven men out there! But, maybe my friend Zac can help you understand what this movie really means to us Rambo lovers:

“I’ve always wondered what the young Mary must have felt like when the angel delivered the good news that she was to be the mother of the savior of the world. Feelings of disbelief coupled with overwhelming joy must have been flowing throughout her very being…. I feel like im the angel declaring the good news to you…”

Amen, Zac… Amen!

This post is short, but oh so sweet! Now… how can I end such a perfect blog on a perfect “Zen-like” note?

Oh yeah, now that’s perfect!




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