Leaf Me Alone!

12 07 2007

Thanks to CNN’s “Funny News“, today’s post covers a story about a Bank Robber with unusual style. Stop and think about this for a second: Think of a good disguise to wear if you were to attempt a bank robbery (in your mind, of course, because robbing a bank is bad!). Keep thinking… a little more… got it? Great! Now, compare your answer with our Bank Robber Model of the day:

Robbery Photo

Not quite the outfit you had in mind, huh? So, why in the world would someone attempt to rob a bank dressed up as Leaf Man? And how did he actually get away with it without someone laughing at him? Check out this award winning description of the robber:

Robber Description

Genious! I think I saw that guy down the street from my office… no… wait… that’s just a tree!

Well, all of this nonsense is putting me in the mood for some Zen. How about you? Yes? Great! Hey Peter, what do you feel like robbing today?

Choo Choo!




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12 07 2007
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