Sitcom Cheese

23 07 2007

Remember how lengthy and cheesy our favorite 80s Sitcoms were? Do you remember every single word to the “Mr. Belvedere” theme, or maybe the theme song from “Out of This World”? Well, have I got a cheesy theme song for you! It’s actually one of my favorite sitcoms from back in the day (which, by the way, was a Wednesday). The show? Punky Brewster. The song? Amazingly cheesy!

Do you see the girl who turns your world around?

Hold on a second… lets evaluate Punky Brewster for a second. Something tells me that a show like this wouldn’t fly in today’s age of sitcoms. I mean, really… an old man adopts a little girl… and nobody has an ounce of worry about it? No, I don’t think that would fly at all. However, I do know of a show that would most definitely become an instant hit! Peter, please tell the readers what show I’m talking about.

Ninjas Rule!




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