Photo Time: Really?

24 07 2007

Consolidated Edison is New York City’s electricity provider, and has been for many years. They’re also known for ‘to-the-point’ advertising, with campaigns like their recent “On It” posters and banners. Recently, on the subway, I ran across a new brand of Con Ed advertisements. The current advertising campaigns include tips on how to save money off of your electric bill (despite Con Ed raising their rates because they started to use a new paper size for the bills… yeah… I know). While I was looking at all of the advertisements, I came across this little section of a banner:

Con Ed

Let’s break this down, shall we?

– If you lose power, you can call the phone number above from your cell phone, and your land line. But, if you have an internet phone without the land line (don’t laugh, some people are in that scenario), you’re pretty much screwed. You’ll have to borrow someone’s cell phone, or call Con Ed from work, right? That’s lame.

– If you lose power, you can log on to the website above… no, wait… you can’t! Why? Because you have no power! Way to go, Con Ed!

So what do you think about that advertisement? You know what I think? I think all of this electric nonsense makes me hungry for some Zen. It’s not Con Ed, but let’s give it up to the Electric Company!

They will NOT be bringing you the power!




One response

24 07 2007

As an internet phone person, I SO AGREE WITH THIS BLOG!

At least Brighthouse gives me free weeks of service when my shit goes out though.

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