Colbert for President (2008)

27 09 2007

I believe a president should be honest. As far as I can see, there is only 1 person in the United States who is worthy of all of those traits. Why just one? Because he’s not a politician, and we all know politicians are forbidden from honesty. This person I am speaking of is no other than, Stephen Colbert. Sure, his shtick is all for show. It’s all a big comedic charade that ends up with boosted ratings for his show “The Colbert Report” (which everyone should be watching). But if he used that shtick for the good of the nation, I would vote for him 10,000 times if I could! What was the deciding factor in realizing my support for Mr. Colbert? Remember when he was called upon to speak at the White House Correspondent Dinner? Remember when he roasted President Bush? Yeah… good times. Well, that sealed the deal for me.

But more recently, Colbert joined Jon Stewart at this year’s Prime Time Emmy Awards to give out a Reality Show award. Once again, he didn’t fail to impress, with his honest views on what reality televison really does for America… even though he was clearly devastated after losing to Barry Manilow.

Give That Man an Oval Office!




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30 09 2007
Evil Little Sister

He has my vote!

2 10 2007
Somebody Elect This Man! « J Soul

[…] This Man! 2 10 2007 Less than a week ago, I made my pitch to all of you about why I believe Stephen Colbert should slap his name onto the list of presidential candidates. Well, bloggers and readers, I’ve yet found another reason why he should do […]

3 10 2007

This makes me so happy.

“Wolverine I could have lost to, he has claws for hands…”


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