The Reincarnation of Mr. Met

2 10 2007

And somehow, he’ll be back for 2008. Imagine that!

As you’ve probably figured out by looking at the various pages here on the blog, I’m a Mets fan. I’m not going to “measure” my fandom, or brag about the amount of games I’ve been to, or try to convince anybody that I’m a bigger fan than the next guy. I’m a Mets fan, plain and simple.

I’m writing this post to tell you (the reader) that I don’t find the recent Mets “collapse” as devastating as a lot of people find it. If anything, I find the recent season-ending struggle to be humbling. Being in that Sunday crowd this past weekend for the incredible demise of this team was enough to realize that there isn’t much a fan can do at a time like this, other than “boo” louder than the planes can rattle Shea Stadium. As for the lessons we can all learn from this kind of collapse, I’ll be saving those for my future kin when old man J Soul can tell his offspring of the terrible fall of the 2007 New York Mets.

– “But dad, what could have been done to stop the Mets from playing so bad?”

– “Nothing, son… there was nothing we could do…”

I, a Mets fan, am humbled by the Phillies and the current progress of the 2007 Baseball season.

*cough… Go Rockies… cough*




One response

3 10 2007
Evil Little Sister

I (the reader) doubt that you will ever call your grandson, son!
And I agree with Conan, it IS so weird to see them dancing with a shotgun! =P
So, keep being a mets fan, you mets fan, you!

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