Colbert in Percentages

24 10 2007

iPod + Colbert

According to Rasmussen Reports, Stephen Colbert has earned himself double-digit percentage points as a Third-Party candidate next to candidates like Hillary Clinton, Rudy Guliani, and Fred Thompson in a telephone survey of 1,200 likely voters.

This gem of information just made my month, so here it is, for you to gander upon!

Scenario 1:
Clinton (D) – 45%
Guliani (R) – 35%
Colbert (I) – 15%

Scenario 2:
Clinton (D) – 46%
Thompson (R) – 34%
Colbert (I) – 12%

His small percentage might only be based off of the small number of 1,200, but that’s all I need to put a smile on my face. Remember, he doesn’t want to be president. He only wants to run.

Colbert 2008!




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