Everybody Loves Grover

10 10 2007

Elmo and Ernie ain’t got nothing on Grover and Madeline!


Call Me Insensitive

8 10 2007

Regardless of whatever Bill O’Reilly is arguing about, he makes me laugh! This video is an argument between Bill and Geraldo Rivera about a drunk driving death and an involved illegal immigrants status in this country. Sure, what they argue about is nothing to laugh about. But watching their reactions to each other has got me rolling on the floor! Enjoy!

Go Geraldo Go!

Dance With Me!

8 10 2007

Dance the Dance of Life!

Really!?! – Larry Craig

7 10 2007


Willie and Omar Have Answers

7 10 2007


The Philadelphia Phunk

7 10 2007

Choked, just like his team.

Last night, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my girlfriend. We went out for dinner at this awesome Thai restaurant called “Galanga”, in the west village. Then, we went to the east village to see “The Heartbreak Kid” which was hilarious! As you could imagine, there wasn’t a lot of time for me to check the scores of the playoff games that were going on. This morning, however, I raced out of bed to see if today would be a wonderful day, and it is! I awoke to the news of the Phillies being swept out of Colorado, after making a Cinderella-type run at the postseason and dashing the hopes of Mets fans just like myself.

While this doesn’t make up for the terrible collapse of the Mets, the 0-3 playoff run of the Phillies does make the healing process a bit easier. Then again, who’s going to beat the Rockies anyway? After all, they’ve won 17 of their last 18 games, including a sick 11 game winning streak that kept them alive throughout September. To further explain my point about the Rockies, lets bring in ESPN writer, Jim Caple.

“How good are the Rockies going? The Phillies intentionally walked Kaz Matsui in Game 3, a move that likely sent Mets fans screaming onto their fire escapes.”

Fire escapes? Maybe not. But screaming? If I had watched the game last night, I definitely would’ve screamed after a move like that. Kaz has been on an insane run of his own through the first 3 playoff games.

But that’s enough about that. The Phillies were swept out of the playoffs. The Yankees are one game away from going home. Life is good for us Mets fans at the moment… but only for the moment…

*cough*… Go Rockies… *cough*…

The Ideal Business Meeting

5 10 2007

Damn You Gigantic Turkey Sub!

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