Spitzer Gone Wild

19 03 2008

Just when you think the drama was over, it’s was only the beginning. I was browsing around CNN.com this morning to find out that just two days after Elliot Spitzer’s resignation as Governor of New York, another media frenzy broke loose over the internet when it was learned that Client 9’s girl might have been involved in the “Girls Gone Wild” videos when she was 18, or at least one man says she was 18. Joe Francis, the company’s founder, had recently reached out to Ashley Alexandra Dupre about appearing in a non-nude spread for his company’s magazine, and to join the “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus. He was ready to pay her a whopping $1 Million. But hold that phone! Someone in the company found her footage from old videos, and they featured a sample of the footage on the website’s homepage! I guess Joe made out like a bandit with this one.

But wait, there’s more! Joe claims she was 18 when the footage was shot, but her attorney claims she was 17 at the time, which would be against the “Girls Gone Wild” policy, and could result in more trouble for Francis.

Dupre Gone Wild 1Dupre MySpaceDupre Gone Wild 2
I wonder when “You, Me & Dupre 2” is coming out…

Does the media frenzy ever stop? Apparently not… now there’s a video floating around of Ms. Dupre being featured as a rapper’s girlfriend in a music video for “Pop Off” by Mysterious.


First in Elliot’s arms, then in Girls Gone Wild, and now in a music video? This girl is everywhere! Where will she end up next? I have no idea… But I do know this… watching videos on this blog might lower your intelligence. But who’s counting, right? Enjoy!

Chess, Anyone?




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19 03 2008
Spitzer Gone Wild

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24 03 2008
Evil Little Sister

Oh no! Charlie!!!! =P

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