Stand Still!

21 03 2008

Have you ever been walking outside, and end up so preoccupied with sending out a text message from your cell phone, that you end up walking into something or someone? I’ve never done it… yet… but I’ve seen a lot of people do it. What boggles my mind, is how big a priority texting has become in comparison to walking “safely”. Is it really worth is to send out a text when you’re crossing the street or walking around on a crowded sidewalk, when you could be hit by a car or shaken up by a lamp post or a big scary dude? If you answered yes, then this video is for you. Either way, check out what a local London street has done to combat “texting accidents”.

Stand Still!




2 responses

24 03 2008
Evil Little Sister

It takes a bunch of people walking texting while walking to get bumppers on those poles? What about all the children who now have head tramma from banging into them, huh??? We need love too!!! >=(

28 03 2008

I need this everywhere. And probably not just for those times when I’m texting, but for general everyday-ness. What can I say, I’m clumsy and air-headed and it’s a bad combo….

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