Snooping Into The Past

26 03 2008

Back in October of 1991, my uncle was involved (and almost killed) in a terrible shooting out in Lake Success (Long Island). I never knew a whole lot about what happened, except for the broken pieces of the story I’ve heard from my uncle. I remember seeing a television segment that shows police sending a robot into Andy’s house, so yesterday, I decided to do some internet snooping to see if I could find any newspaper articles or videos on what happened. To my surprise, I found an old New York Times article, and a video on YouTube. The video is the same footage I saw on television, just a few years after the shooting had happened.

Crazy… Just Crazy…




4 responses

26 03 2008
Evil Little Sister

That bastard shot our uncle . . . Bastard . . . Although he was mentally ill from what I remember mom telling us . . . Still, no one hurts my family . . . Turd Monkey =(

26 08 2008
Steven Feingold

I was best friends with Danny, Andy, Stan, and Michael.. I knew this guy although he wasn’t what you would call a friend of mine.. This was a sad, sad day… I lost some of my best friends for absolutely no reason… He was a sick bastard but that doesn’t mean a damn thing…. All of us were absolutely devastated after this surreal event… Nobody will ever forget these guys…. They were all wonderful people…

21 11 2008
Adam Gutman

Andy Lazan was the singer in my first band- great guy and wish he were still here. He should have had the chance to get married and have kids- instead that maniac took him at 23. Miss him.

5 05 2009
Charlie Frauenberg

All of you will never be forgotten.

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