Canseco – The Poem

27 03 2008

~ by J Soul
(Also found at the Global Mets Fan Blog)

Go Away Jose
I don’t care what you have to say
Stop publishing your greed-driven books
Because I’ll be the last one to pay

You’ve tarnished the reputations of many
With a disgusting smirk on your face
How much money is it going to take
To put you in your place

What’s important now are the children
And the harm these drugs can do
But you don’t care about all that
Just the careers you want to screw

Now that I think of it
You probably needed the ‘roids in your ass
We all know that without them
You couldn’t have hit the ball over of the infield grass

Let it be known that nobody is safe
As long as Jose raises his brow
If you can hit or throw a baseball
You must’ve gotten the drugs somehow

Back that @ss up, right into Jose’s needle!



2 responses

27 03 2008

My sentiments exactly! Thanks for this.

12 04 2008
Major League Greedball - A New Outlook « J Soul

[…] month, I wrote a pretty bad, yet cheesy, poem about Jose Canseco, and what I thought about his ‘name calling’ in his books and interviews. I made up my […]

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