Presidential Pokemon

31 03 2008

While the first video shows Barack Obama as the winner of the upcoming presidential election, that doesn’t mean I share that same vision of ‘hope’. As it turns out, I’ve lost all interest in this year’s Presidential Election. I’m a big fan of Ron Paul, and I hope he shows up during the final campaigns as a nominee. Wait, did I say Ron Paul? It’s too bad you can’t sense sarcasm from reading words on a screen. If you could hear me read that last sentence back to you, it would make me laugh too! But aside from all that hoopla , I’ve been completely turned off by all of the inter-party bickering between Clinton and Obama supporters. As a registered democrat, I no longer feel like I’m part of a united party, but part of a divided a party. (Sarcasm… taking over… make it stop!)

(Thanks CNN and FoxNews for brainwashing me with those terms, and thanks K.C. for helping me point out my own sarcasm!)

But I digress… Enjoy this awesome clip of one person’s vision of this year’s presidential race!

For some reason, ‘Obamachu’ just sounds wrong…

It could also go down like this…

She should have used “Bill’s Big Mouth”!

Since a good majority of readers who’ve left their comments here and on other sites haven’t been able to read into my sense of humor and assume I’m actually supporting anyone, I’ll have to get serious for a moment. If the selection for President of the United States came down to my vote, it would have to go to these guys. (Serious? Me? Did you fall for the sarcasm again? I just can’t stop!)

[ Readers. please keep the comments at a PG level ]

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7 responses

31 03 2008
Evil Little Sister

Obama-Chu . . . I CHOOSE YOU!!!

1 04 2008

I actually think it’s ridiculous to use terms like ‘United Party’ or ‘Divided Party’. That shows a bias towards members of one party over any other. Barrack and Clinton are both very different canadates. Infact, the only things they seem to agree on are gay rights(which has been purposly left hush hush by both of them as they realise in the current state of the country, that could easly lose them the race) and that the whole Iraq thing(I avoid the word War, as anything you can actually call war ended over a year ago… It’s simply an occupation now) has gone terribly and they both wanna bring troops home, but both are nill for ideas.

The ‘Inner Party Bickering’, as you put it, is them both attempting to reach the White House because they each belive they are best for the job for one reason or another. The way you say that makes it seem that you belive that a Democrat is a Democrat and a Republican is a Rebublican. That is a ridiculous way to look at things and makes it evident that you know either little or nothing of thier credintals and values(or that you simply don’t care) and that it doesn’t matter so long as a Democrat is in Office.

I view myself as a Democrat as well, however, I am actually glad that thier is some real diversity with in ‘our’ party.

1 04 2008
J Soul

Thanks KC, for your opinion, insight, and interpretations of my post. It’s great to finally see a real opinion, and not some ‘spam’ comment you’d find on a youtube video like “$&%@ Clinton! Blah Blah Blah!”.

My references to a ‘Divided/United” party, and to ‘Inner Party Bickering’ are direct references to the media brain-washing that goes on in this country every day. I probably should’ve made some sarcastic remark (like I usually do, so I’ll edit that now) to reference that better, but I do understand your interpretation. The main goal of this post was to promote the video, but I love hearing other opinions and views.

You’re absolutely correct when you write “or that you simply don’t care”, because that was stated in the post, and it’s stated in past political posts on the blog. I don’t really care who wins this election. I don’t buy into Obama’s ‘hope’, I don’t buy into Clinton’s ‘experience’, and I don’t buy in McCain’s campaign either… so it would seem like there’s nobody left for me to vote for, unless Paul shows up in November (Again with Ron Paul… Doesn’t my sarcasm just anger you? lol!). That probably makes me a ‘Bad American’, but until ‘not voting’ becomes an Act of Treason, then I’m good to go. (Sorry, I can’t stop with the sarcasm, haha!)

Thanks again, KC! It’s great to meet ya! :)

3 04 2008

First video is better imo, mainly because its more humorous. Second brings in more political issues, of course, but I felt it wasn’t as entertaining (mainly because it kept the original moves of actual pok’e’mon instead of changing them like the first video did.

Still good satire, though.

3 04 2008
J Soul

Agreed, DS. I don’t know much about Pokemon to see the original moves or not, but the first one was definitely the funnier one. Thanks for reading :)

5 04 2008

I’m sick of Ron Paul. He’s not gonna win so @%$&.

5 04 2008
J Soul

I’ll have no potty-mouthing on the blog, so I had to $@#& with your comment a little ;)

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