April Fools Day: A Gamer’s Prank

1 04 2008

As some of you readers might not know, I do enjoy a nice session of Warcraft. But what I didn’t know, is that the creators of Warcraft, over at Bilzzard Entertainment, love a good prank. So when I woke up this morning, forgetting that today is April Fools day, I saw a page for a new console-ready Warcraft game. By the middle of reading all about it, I finally realized that it was all a big prank. Silly Blizzard, you ‘half’ got me! What was even funnier about the prank, is that they went through the trouble of creating a trailer for this ‘new game’. So, without any further interruptions, I bring you: “World of Warcraft: The Molten Core” (for the Atari 2600 platform)

Has Sound! Woohoo!




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