Damn Thijs, You Scary!

3 04 2008

Not really… just the singer. See, when I saw this video of Focus performing ‘Hocus Pocus’, I was way more taken in by the drummer’s ridiculous skills. But when Thijs van Leer opened his mouth, my jaw dropped. At first, I wanted to shut the video off as quickly as possible. I felt a little concerned about the well-being of his vocal chords. But after a while, I finally opened up to all of the cool improvising he was getting into (especially the whistling and the flute playing). So, in retrospect, I’m not scared of Focus at all. They were and still are a kickass progressive rock band. So please, enjoy some Focus!

Absolutely kickass!




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3 04 2008
Evil Little Sister

Thijs Van Leer . . . Is totally . . . Tweeking!

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