Barkley 2014

28 10 2008

Alabama, according to this interview, this could be your leader in 2014!

( Insert Sarcasm Here )


Telly Meets Ron

6 10 2008

I always love finding videos on YouTube of shows I used to watch as a kid. Being a big Mets fan, and a fan of Sesame Street, I was extra excited to find this video of Ron Darling paying a visit to Telly Monster and his vast collection of baseball cards. Enjoy!

Holy Crap! You’re Telly Monster!

Little Bill

3 10 2008

Being a big fan of The Colbert Report since its inception, I’ve started to watch “The O’Reilly Factor” only because of the constant jabs that Stephen Colbert takes at Bill O’Reilly. I don’t agree with much of anything Bill has to say, and I would classify his show as a comedy of its own, rather than an informative source of news (because everything that Fox News puts out there makes me laugh). That all being said, I came across this video of Bill O’Reilly as a kid. No, it’s not really his child-self, but it’s a funny retrospect of what Bill O’Reilly might have been like if he hosted “The Factor” as a kid. Enjoy!

So that’s why Hurricanes keep on coming!

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