Sandy Promised Me a Pony!

7 11 2010

First off, before I begin this little baseball rant, I have to congratulate the San Francisco Giants on achieving the ultimate goal and bringing the city of San Francisco its first World Series Championship. However, I have to say I’m not thrilled about the post-win reaction by the hometown fans. Tsk… Tsk…

Anyway, this isn’t a Giants Blog, its more of a Mets blog, so here goes the rant. It’s been a rough 4 years. Now, I’m not saying Mets fans have it as bad as some other fans across the league. We really don’t… (I’m looking at you, Cubs fans). But the last 4 years, again, have been some seriously rough years. The Wilpons have had an awful image, along with their parade of shmucks that ran rampant within the organization. Luckily, Jeff took the binky out of his mouth and uttered the words a lot of fans wanted to hear for a while… “It’s time for a change”. With that, Omar and crew were no more, and a new era has apparently started in Flushing. What era, do you ask? Well, its none other than the Sandy Alderson era.

Who is Sandy Alderson? I don’t know, and I don’t care to know. See, I’m a ‘results over words’ kind of guy. While local and national sports media and blogs have been salivating over this guy, I could care less about his past or his credentials. As I told a good friend, “the Mets could hire any shmuck they want as long as he/she gets the job done”.

I Can Haz GM Job!?

Shortly after he was hired, Mr. Alderson decided it would be a good idea to answer some fan tweets via video response on the Mets website. I didn’t get a chance to watch it (nor do I really want to) but judging from the general blog and sports media response of “Sandy Promised Me a Winner!”, I can’t help but be reminded of the long-time World of Warcraft slogan, “Ghostcrawler Promised Me a Pony!”. I hear you, Sandy, but I’m not listening just yet. Stop answering tweets, stop sending out “Manager Search Update” emails, and get going. You’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do. Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject, tear down Citifield and rebuild Shea Stadium. Kthxbye!




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