A Case of the Subways

12 11 2010

What is it about a New York City subway ride that makes people-watching so much fun? As I sit on this train out of the city, I’ve already observed hundreds of people riding the subway and laughed on the inside at some interesting subway behavior.

My empty train pulls into a very rowded station. When the doors open up, everyone (and I mean everyone) rushes in and congregates in front of the doors on both sides. Not one single person walks farther into the train to make room for more people getting on the train. This begins to annoy a riled up rider who begins to yell and curse, asking people to move into the train. One (yes one) person moves in while the annoyed rider holds the doors open until someone lets her in, delaying everyone’s ride. I guess the middle of the tain has cooties? Maybe people are afraid of catching an std from sitting in an empty seat?

After some more shouting, people move in and we’re on our way. As we pull into my stop, the annoyed passenger decides to stand in the doors as they open as a little payback, making everyone walk to another door. But one passenger was having none of that. A man stands up from his seat and (with all his might) shoves the passenger out of the train, nearly pushing her down onto the platform. Really? Anger management classes not paying off? You never know who you’re dealing with in the subway, let alone when it’s someone who seriously flipped out on everyone in the train.

Those were just two of the things that happened today. There were a few more weird occurances, but I’m about to get off of my train.

Have you ever encountered a hilariously weird subway or train moment where you live or when you travel? I’d love to hear some stories!




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