Feelin’ Leafy

13 11 2010

I know absolutely nothing about “Lawn Rules” since I grew up and still live in New York City. The closest thing to a lawn I had was the backyard of my apartment building… and when I say backyard, I mean the small walkway of concrete that leads from the sidewalk to the garage and backdoor of the building, lined with a few small benches.

With that in mind… I stayed up in Westchester last night, and when I took a small walk outside this morning, I noticed someone blowing leaves off of their front lawn. That always seemed like a normal thing to do when leaves fall on your lawn… until today. I started to wonder about the reasons why people blow leaves off of their lawns. One would think the leaves would make for some sort of ‘natural protection’ in the colder weather leading up to Winter until you turn the leaves into mulch. If it’s actually unhealthy for fallen leaves to cover the grass just moments after they’ve fallen, that’s one thing. If you’re ‘collecting’ them and turning them into mulch or something useful, that’s another thing. But if you’re just blowing them onto the road or sidewalk, then I ask… Really?…

And I guess because I’ve lived in the city all my life, but I’ve never understood the ‘idea’ of a lawn. What is it about a lawn that makes its caretakers so happy or proud? Does a house ‘need’ a lawn to look good? Does ‘feeling at home in a house’ always require a lawn? I’ve even heard from a few people that you can tell a lot about who lives in a house by the quality of the lawn, to which I said, “Poor Billy… I can’t believe he was beaten by his own father… but his family sure has one hell of a lawn! Great people, they are!”




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