Black & Blue Friday

26 11 2010

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and while I’m certainly thankful for many things in my life, this year’s thanksgiving doesn’t really feel like that much of a holiday. Either it’s just kinda lackluster, or it just doesn’t make much sense.

As far as I know, the story behind Thanksgiving goes back to the settlers and indians. I understand the ‘philosophy’ of Thanksgiving being a holiday of reflection, based on the story of the holiday… But isn’t it counter-productive to really appreciate what you have for just one day out of the year? Why isn’t there a bigger emphasis on appreciation all year long? And why is shopping after Thanksgiving in this country so animalistic? “Show your thanks by emptying your wallet on stuff you THINK is marked down, but really isn’t!”.

It’s similar to how I feel about the commercialization of Valentines Day. Why show your love for those close to you for just one day of the year by emptying your wallets, when you can make a much bigger impact by showing your love all year long?

In this day and age, and in this country, save your money. There are cheaper ways to show your love and appreciation in one full years than going all out on certain days of the year.

Materialism kills. Don’t be its next victim… unless you want me to throw in a free flat screen tv with that…




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