Hey Mikey, He Gets It!

8 04 2011

The Mets come home today with a 3-3 record (which is better than I predicted). They showed life during their series with Florida. They put up a hell of a fight during the first two games in Philadelphia. But no matter how good things may look, there will always be someone out there itching to rack up the ‘page hits’ by deterring the fanbase from the positives and turning them back towards the irrelevant. Fortunately, I came across the first positive piece on on the Mets that I’ve seen since the season started, and it was written by David Schoenfield over at ESPN.

He brings up a few interesting opinions that both of us share, like:

– Angel Pagan is the real deal
– The rotation (sans Pelfrey) has real potential
– Watch out for Josh Thole
– They ‘could be’ an 86-87 win team (emphasis on ‘could’)

After reading David’s write-up, I got a little overconfident and thought I’d keep searching the interwebz to find others who share the same opinions on how the season could turn out for the Amazins. Unfortunately, my streak of 1 was quickly broken by Mike Puma of the New York Post (aka: New York Porta Potty). Mike writes:

“The only good news for the Mets is they are finally home, ready to face the Nationals in the first game at Citi Field this season.”

That’s the only good news? Really? Are you not aware of anything that Schoenfield mentioned in his write-up? Granted, Mike does make small mentions of the Florida series, but that’s a pretty bold statement. I’m actually shocked I haven’t seen more Mets rants without a mention of Charlie Sheen, considering he’s in NYC. Maybe he’ll show up at the game today. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? But hey, maybe knowing he’s there is what they need to get people into the WINNING mindset. (c wut i did thar?)




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