I’m on TV!

9 11 2007

Okay, I’m not REALLY on TV, but a friend of mine created a commercial spot for my band. Eli Poulin, who performed with my band in Austin, TX back in July, created a super cool commercial to help promote our music in the iTunes Music Store! Excuse me, for I’m still a little giddy after watching it for the 50th time! Check it out!

Super Cool!

In other news, my band is back in the Top 10 on FameCast.com for the 3rd straight season, and we’re hoping to get enough support to make it back to Austin for the 2nd straight season. If you haven’t yet, cast your vote for us on the Pop Stage, so we can perform for you during a Live Webcast that you can watch right there on your computer. To find our voting page, click here. All you need to do is create a fanatic/vote account, or log in to your current account (if you’ve already created one). Once you’re all logged on, head back to our voting page and click on the “Vote” button while our video is playing. If you cast your vote once a day, we’ll be sure to make it back to Austin for another show!

Send this blogger back to Texas!


Anyone for Hide and Seek?

20 04 2007

My sister has once again posted another funny blog, so I’ve decided to share some of the visual hilarity.

First up, Saturday Night Live’s most recent Digital Short, “Dear Sister”. I think this is one of SNL’s best Digital Shorts to date, thanks to the always awesome Andy Samberg! And if you’re curious about what song is playing in the background, it’s “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. I highly recommend donating your dollar and buying the song from iTunes!

Talk about a bloodbath!

Why did Saturday Night Live release that kind of Digital Short? Well, why don’t we let our good friends over at the O.C. help us out with that one, shall we?

Nothing better than an over-dramatic death scene, complete with over-dramatic song!

Next up on the list, the Sofa King (Also on the most recent airing of Saturday Night Live). Call me old fashioned, but I’m a huge fan of a little “wordplay”. Watch, and enjoy. It’s definitely Sofa King funny, and my Daily Moment of Zen!

Long Live the Sofa King!

At least these were better than yesterday’s puking contest…. yeesh!

Oy! Religious Puck? No Fare!

2 03 2007

Can you believe it’s March already? After the somewhat sweet weather today, I sure can! Shut up, Richard… Anyone wanna go see ‘Music and Lyrics’? (Totally Joking!) If anything, you should be watching my Daily Moment of Zen…. right… now!

Karen Carpenter… What a tragedy that was. One of the most beautiful voices to ever grace our ears… taken away from us. But that wasn’t the point of that clip… or was it?

{ Giveaway of the Day: Leave a comment with your favorite *Fusion Food*. The comment that expresses the wackiest, goofiest, and most creative Fusion Food wins a free mp3 from Soundscape Soul, my band. }

At some point today, I was having a conversation about Judaism and Mormonism. How did I end up in that discussion? It all started with: “So I was riding my bike, and a religious-looking Jewish man approached me. He asked me, ‘are you Jewish’? Is that something they normally do?”. Yes, I walk around all day, stopping people dead in their tracks, and confirming their Judaic status… Okay, I’m not religious, and I don’t do that. But I’m sure you could imagine the reputation I would build up if I did, right?… right?… hello?… Darn it, lost my audience again! Come back!

Feel like promoting my blog? If you do, then you totally rock! To help you in your efforts of blog promoting, I made this nifty banner. It’s just a smaller version of the title banner, but it’s pretty sweet! Enjoy, and spread the word! (Only if you want to… please?… you know you want to… right? You do… don’t you?)

Blog Banner

Isn’t it pretty? huh? isn’t it?

Ever decide that it’s been way too long since you’ve REALLY listened to the music in your iTunes Library? Tonight is that night for me. It’s been way too long since I’ve put my library on shuffle and just let it go. Why is this important to write about? Because I stumbled on a song that took me back.. way back.. back to the day.. which was a wednesday in fact. What song? It’s non other than City High’s “What Would You Do? Anyone remember the real lone survivor of that short-lived group? If you instantly thought, “Oh! I know! Claudette Ortiz!”, then I commend your knowledge of the music industry!

{ J Soul’s Wii Fitness Age: 29 }

Now that’s something to be proud of. A video game telling me just how fit I am, based on how skilled I am with the Wii Remote. Nintendo has just created the future… Word!

Wii Coffee Stirring, anyone? Maybe a little Wii Air-Traffic Controller?

At Least It Wasn’t E. Coli

25 02 2007

Right? Am I right? No? Didn’t think so…

Okay, let’s clear something up. Just because I’m a New Yorker doesn’t mean I am “one” with the KFC/Taco Bell Rats! Those rats were on a mission and I, for one, wasn’t about to freak out about it. They were hungry rats. I get it. Why? Because I have a pet gerbil. And he’s not just any gerbil. He’s an Albino (Might be Partially Blind) gerbil.


Yeah.. he’s been through a lot. But are people really going crazy about this sudden rat takeover? It’s KFC and Taco Bell! I say to these rats, infest! If you can overrun the KFCs and Taco Bells of America, then more power to you. Heck, I’ll even start waving at you when I see you scampering along the subway tracks. Fight the good fight, rats of New York, for you have provided me with my Daily Moment of Zen.

On a less stomach-churning topic, am I the only person in all of New York City that doesn’t plan on forcing myself to watch the Oscars? I’m more of a Grammys guy, and I seem to be getting a lot of heat for not watching them. Oh well, at least baseball season is back. Go Zephyrs! Who? Didn’t you know? The Mets lost their AAA Team in Norfolk and had to settle for a team in New Orleans.

{ New York Mets Question of the Week: How long will Lastings Milledge play in New Orleans before the Mets (A) call him up? (B) trade him? }

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