Kimmel Simmons

4 04 2008

To mark his 1,000th episode, Jimmy Kimmel invited Richard Simmons on as a guest, and to shoot a new viral video on YouTube. I’m not sure if I like this one as much as his “I’m $&%@ing Ben” video, but it definitely has its moments. Maybe you’ll laugh a little more than I did. Enjoy!

I said you’re not clean! Clean up!


I Knew It!

4 03 2008

Oh Sarah, you naughty girl you!

Jimmy Strikes Back!

What makes this second video hilarious (aside from the obvious running joke that Jimmy and Sarah have going) is the amount of celebrities that participated in this video. Yet another reason why I still think Jimmy was the better “Man Show” host! Go Jimmy!

Fun With Censorship

14 10 2007

Can you f*** yourself now?

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