Presidential Pokemon

31 03 2008

While the first video shows Barack Obama as the winner of the upcoming presidential election, that doesn’t mean I share that same vision of ‘hope’. As it turns out, I’ve lost all interest in this year’s Presidential Election. I’m a big fan of Ron Paul, and I hope he shows up during the final campaigns as a nominee. Wait, did I say Ron Paul? It’s too bad you can’t sense sarcasm from reading words on a screen. If you could hear me read that last sentence back to you, it would make me laugh too! But aside from all that hoopla , I’ve been completely turned off by all of the inter-party bickering between Clinton and Obama supporters. As a registered democrat, I no longer feel like I’m part of a united party, but part of a divided a party. (Sarcasm… taking over… make it stop!)

(Thanks CNN and FoxNews for brainwashing me with those terms, and thanks K.C. for helping me point out my own sarcasm!)

But I digress… Enjoy this awesome clip of one person’s vision of this year’s presidential race!

For some reason, ‘Obamachu’ just sounds wrong…

It could also go down like this…

She should have used “Bill’s Big Mouth”!

Since a good majority of readers who’ve left their comments here and on other sites haven’t been able to read into my sense of humor and assume I’m actually supporting anyone, I’ll have to get serious for a moment. If the selection for President of the United States came down to my vote, it would have to go to these guys. (Serious? Me? Did you fall for the sarcasm again? I just can’t stop!)

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Team Colbert/Stewart

6 02 2008

With the writers strike eating up my television, I was struggling to find anything decent to watch. But when I recently came across some Conan, I was pleased to see the host do some of his own writing, along with fellow ‘sit-down’ hosts Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. The three had been ‘mock-feuding’ about Mike Huckabee for a while, and things finally got out of hand. How badly? Watch for yourself. (This’ll probably get pulled from YouTube in no time, so watch while you can!)

Go Team Stewart/Colbert!

Colbert in Percentages

24 10 2007

iPod + Colbert

According to Rasmussen Reports, Stephen Colbert has earned himself double-digit percentage points as a Third-Party candidate next to candidates like Hillary Clinton, Rudy Guliani, and Fred Thompson in a telephone survey of 1,200 likely voters.

This gem of information just made my month, so here it is, for you to gander upon!

Scenario 1:
Clinton (D) – 45%
Guliani (R) – 35%
Colbert (I) – 15%

Scenario 2:
Clinton (D) – 46%
Thompson (R) – 34%
Colbert (I) – 12%

His small percentage might only be based off of the small number of 1,200, but that’s all I need to put a smile on my face. Remember, he doesn’t want to be president. He only wants to run.

Colbert 2008!

Somebody Elect This Man!

2 10 2007

Less than a week ago, I made my pitch to all of you about why I believe Stephen Colbert should slap his name onto the list of presidential candidates. Well, bloggers and readers, I’ve yet found another reason why he should do so.

Colbert owns O’Reilly

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself…

Yep, that’s a whole lot of ownage!

Colbert for President (2008)

27 09 2007

I believe a president should be honest. As far as I can see, there is only 1 person in the United States who is worthy of all of those traits. Why just one? Because he’s not a politician, and we all know politicians are forbidden from honesty. This person I am speaking of is no other than, Stephen Colbert. Sure, his shtick is all for show. It’s all a big comedic charade that ends up with boosted ratings for his show “The Colbert Report” (which everyone should be watching). But if he used that shtick for the good of the nation, I would vote for him 10,000 times if I could! What was the deciding factor in realizing my support for Mr. Colbert? Remember when he was called upon to speak at the White House Correspondent Dinner? Remember when he roasted President Bush? Yeah… good times. Well, that sealed the deal for me.

But more recently, Colbert joined Jon Stewart at this year’s Prime Time Emmy Awards to give out a Reality Show award. Once again, he didn’t fail to impress, with his honest views on what reality televison really does for America… even though he was clearly devastated after losing to Barry Manilow.

Give That Man an Oval Office!

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