Ice Ice Crazy

6 02 2008

Today’s daily YouTube snooping found me searching for old Vanilla Ice videos. Vanilla who? You know, Rob Van Winkle? The Iceman? Bi-Polar?

Anyway, I found these two videos, and proceeded to laugh my ass off at both of them. The first, was a hilarious parody of “Ice Ice Baby” that Jim Carey performed on “In Living Color” (My goodness… remember that show?). The other, is a video of Mr. Van Winkle smashing stuff with a bat, which was equally as funny as Carey’s performance. Enjoy!

His grandma gave him that dumb jacket…

Whoa there, Mr. Bi-Polar!


Death of a Dell Monitor

11 10 2007

Yep, that’s my recording! Farewell, displayer of pixels!

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