Science Is Cool, He Said So!

13 06 2007

Are you a child of the 80’s? Did you watch TV everyday before you left for school? Did you watch Nickelodeon? Did you watch Mr. Wizard’s World? Did you enjoy the show? If you answers ‘Yes’ straight through those five questions, then do I have some news for you.

My fellow Nickelodeon-watching children of the 80’s, we have lost yet another icon of our era of television. Mr. Wizard himself, Don Herbert, lost his battle with cancer yesterday and passed away at the age of 89. In case you might have had a brief memory lapse, here’s a little clip that should jog your memory of the show.

I vividly remember watching Mr. Wizard’s World almost everyday before I left for school. I actually attribute some of my finest elementary school science projects to experiments I saw on the show. Mr. Wizard made science easy and cool, even though most of my friends in school thought doing well in Science was dorky and geeky. It’s because of you, Don Herbert, that I was able to cruise through all of my Science classes with 99 averages and A’s on all of my tests! (coming from the kid who went to college for Music and not Science… go figure…)

Mr Wizard
Godspeed, Mr. Herbert…

If you’d like more information about Don or the show, please visit the Mr. Wizard’s World website, or visit my my good friend TryBecca and read her ‘Mr. Wizard Testimonial‘. Now, I present to you my Daily Moment of Zen. Brian, Stewie… please pay homage to the Wizard…

No.. not THAT wizard!



16 05 2007

Bored at work? Enough to do the Electric Slide?

[ Go on.. start reminiscing about that Bar-Mitzvah, Wedding, or Sweet Sixteen where you were forced into the massive line of Electric Sliders… Hurts, doesn’t it? ]

Why don’t we check in on how Trybecca and Ashley like to spend their “bored” time at work, shall we?

It’s Electric! Boogiewoogiewoogie!

I bet you thought that was my Daily Moment of Zen, huh? Well, you were wrong… Ready?… Wait for it… Wait for it…

Dance! Dance with me!

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