About J Soul

Gangsta Josh

I could tell you my life story, but I might have to torture you afterwards by tying you to a chair and making you watch Titanic over and over for 3 days straight… too harsh? hmm… I’ll have to re-think my idea of torture then.

The Basics (from the third person)
– He’s from New York City (Greatest City in the World)
– He’s in a band (Shameless Promotion… gotta love it!)
– He’s a Mets Fan (I know… I know…)

Pretty gangsta photo, huh?


11 responses

25 02 2007
Miss Pissy

Get the flip out of my high chair!!! >=(

25 02 2007

I most certainly will not! ;)

25 02 2007
Miss Pissy

Grrr . . . Fine! But the gerbil is still MINE, & not YOURS!!! Muahahahaha!!!

25 02 2007

I totally read that as “A-list” not as “a *list*”. I’ve been in SoBe too long lol.

23 04 2007

I read it as a-list too haha

& down with sony crapstation! aaaaamen

30 05 2007

Josh–Daryl and I are having a debate about which is the appropriate word when describing the losing team: “in the basement” or “in the cellar.” I was going to change my post to “cellar” until you quoted me in your comment. Are the terms interchangeable, do you know? Or should I change it on my post AND in your comment?

22 01 2008

Hello, my name is Allison and I am in 7th grade. For my science class I was asked to do a project on Global Warming and its affect on Earth. I made a PowerPoint and used one of your pictures in it. My project was good enough to be sent into the national ICE competition and I was wondering if I would be able to use the picture. Please E-mail me with your answer. Thank you!


26 02 2008
J Soul

Glad to have helped, Allison!

5 03 2008
Evil Little Sister

Ummm . . . Please get out of my high chair? =) Oh, and get you own damn bottle!!! =P

10 03 2008
J Soul

For the last time, No! :D

19 06 2008

I feels you,
I’m a Mexican Jew Indian
Mexican Indian and Mexican Jew, adn Mexican Mexican(mixed spanish w/indian)
But my jewishness is Spanish Jewishness, not Ashkenazim
I feels ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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