New York Metropolitan Misunderstanding

16 04 2011

Game 2 of the doubleheader in Atlanta is almost done, the Mets are losing again, and my Facebook/Twitter feeds are about to implode from the apparent panic that fans seem to be experiencing.

Seriously? Are you all really that distressed or upset? Did you honestly believe the current roster has a legitimate chance to compete? Did you honestly believe that making the switch to Sandy/Terry would bring immediate results? Stop for a moment, take a breath, and realize that these Mets are probably not going to head into a Playoff Chase, come away with a Pennant or a Championship. Celebrate the positives, and take the negatives for what they are. Besides , we should all be glad that we’re not in the position Terry will be in once the game ends, when he has to release some of that frustration he’s walking around with. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that locker room… Yikes!

FYI: Pedro Beato was pretty awesome tonight. That’s right… positives, people!

Here’s an interesting mantra that might help cut down a little bit of your stress:

“The 2011 New York Mets were not built to win, and they’re playing appropriately. The 2011 Boston Red Sox were built to win, and Beantown has already pressed the big red button”.

Chew on that, or chew on this:


Stewie is a Mets Fan!

8 11 2010

I always knew, deep down in my heart, that Stewie was not only a Mets fan, but throws his hat down at the end of the season just like I do!

10,000 Thanks!

17 09 2007

This morning, I saw that the counter on the blog had finally hit the 10,000 mark! It may be a small number, compared to a ton of other blogs out there, but it’s quite an accomplishment for me. I was never much of a writer, or a blogger. But since I found WordPress, it’s been getting easier and easier.

Well, enough with the sappy thank you speech. In honor of the blog hitting the 10,000 reader mark, I give you 2 Moments of Zen that could very well be worth the 10,000 readers! Enjoy!

Here Comes Peter’s Farts!

Just Give Stewie His Money!

Youth of a Nation: Pageant Style

26 08 2007

I know I haven’t written here in a while (and that’s going to change), but can somebody tell me why girls like this are allowed to graduate from High School? In case you need a little “briefing”, Miss *Teen* South Carolina was told that 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map (based on a poll). She was then asked to explain why she thought that could be. Below, is her amazing answer.

Was he… laughing!?


Good lord… no wonder the rest of the world laughs at the United States! I live in the states and I’m laughing! Well.. what I’m really laughing at is today’s Zen.

Don’t you walk out on me!

Don’t Fall!

29 07 2007

When Family Guy picks on or includes a celebrity, musician, actor, or a popular character in an episode, I think it should be looked at as an honor. Of course, Seth and his crew of animators and writers can be harsh on those characters. However, I was able to find one bad (yet, hilarious) clip with one of my favorite vocalists. The bad part, is that he’s falling down a lot of stairs. The funny part? Well, I’ll just have to let my Daily Moment of Zen explain that. Enjoy!


Keep It Down!

18 07 2007

I know this is a short one, but I found this video on YouTube and I absolutely had to share it! Even though I’ve already posted two Zen videos today, here are two more!

Mr. Belvedere anyone?

Life is more than mere survival…

Stewie, it’s your turn!

And we just might live the good life yet…

Photo Time: Fiesty Fruit

12 07 2007

Photo Time is a new column here on the blog, highlighting interesting photos from across the internet. Since this is the first installment of many to come, I thought I would explain how it works. First, I’ll post a photo that was either sent to me or found while browsing the web. Finally, I open up the discussion of the photo to you, leaving comments and your thoughts on the photo. So, without any further interruptions, I give you… Photo Time!

Divine LOL WUT


While you’re discussing, take another look at the photo for a second. Doesn’t it make you wanna do this?

Come on… you know you wanna…

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