A Case of the Subways

12 11 2010

What is it about a New York City subway ride that makes people-watching so much fun? As I sit on this train out of the city, I’ve already observed hundreds of people riding the subway and laughed on the inside at some interesting subway behavior.

My empty train pulls into a very rowded station. When the doors open up, everyone (and I mean everyone) rushes in and congregates in front of the doors on both sides. Not one single person walks farther into the train to make room for more people getting on the train. This begins to annoy a riled up rider who begins to yell and curse, asking people to move into the train. One (yes one) person moves in while the annoyed rider holds the doors open until someone lets her in, delaying everyone’s ride. I guess the middle of the tain has cooties? Maybe people are afraid of catching an std from sitting in an empty seat?

After some more shouting, people move in and we’re on our way. As we pull into my stop, the annoyed passenger decides to stand in the doors as they open as a little payback, making everyone walk to another door. But one passenger was having none of that. A man stands up from his seat and (with all his might) shoves the passenger out of the train, nearly pushing her down onto the platform. Really? Anger management classes not paying off? You never know who you’re dealing with in the subway, let alone when it’s someone who seriously flipped out on everyone in the train.

Those were just two of the things that happened today. There were a few more weird occurances, but I’m about to get off of my train.

Have you ever encountered a hilariously weird subway or train moment where you live or when you travel? I’d love to hear some stories!


Riding The Q

13 12 2007

This morning, I came across that story via an article on CNN.com that finally made sense to me. While the content’s of the article are somewhat disturbing, the outcome spoke out with peace.

So I ask the question that’s been asked for the longest time: “Why can’t we just get along?”

While you ponder the answer to that question, enjoy today’s video zen!

I love being Jewish in Hymietown!


3 05 2007

Well, Reebok, you almost had me. I was all set to check out your website and pick up a new set of kicks after I saw your cleverly misspelled advertisement (See Previous Post). But this morning, I saw the same advertisement, only spelled correctly! Are you trying to take us New Yorkers for fools, or did somebody really misspell the advertisement? I love catchy advertisements, and I love seeing the advertisements that plaster the New York City transit system… but be consistent.

Reebok Correct 2
Exhibit A

Reebok Advertisement
Exhibit B

Wait… you know what? Nevermind. Whoever misspelled the advertisement, should be the president of Reebok! At least he’ll be able to encourage Grammar in New York City!

Daily Moment of Zen? Anyone? Yes? Sweet! Oh… hold on a second. Before I show you the Zen, I have to apologize in advance. If anyone gets grossed out, or offended by today’s Zen, then I’m sorry… Not!! (Borat reference? anyone?)

Gunther, anyone? Ding Ding Dong much?

Oh yeah… the F Train was lame again today. Hooray F Train!

Spell Easy NY.

1 05 2007

Cleverly Advertised, or Unintentionally Misspelled? That was the question I asked myself when I saw one of Reebok’s new poster advertisements while riding the amazing F train to work this morning. As I’m sure you know, the New York City transit system is flooded with clever and dull advertisements. I’m a little torn between loving and hating the advertisement I saw this morning.

Reebok AdvertisementSo, not everything needs to be done in a New York Minute…. wait.. I mean.. eveything… huh? Wait a sec, did I fail a spelling bee or something?

On first glance, I was a bit confused. Was I supposed to pronounce “Eveything” as a “New Yawker”, to match the stereotypical accent? Was somebody about to get fired for a misspelling that could be seen “eveywhere”? Or was this advertisement put together in a New York Minute? I’m going with the 3rd guess. This is probably one of the most clever advertisements I’ve seen in a long time. It was clever enough to get me to head to Reebok’s website and check out some new kicks. Not only that, but it’s a nice message. Basically, we should all run at our own pace. Live life at our own speed. I like it. Well done Reebok!

And now, it’s time for my Daily Moment of Zen. Have you tried Ecstasy lately?

5 Second Movies on The V

27 02 2007

Have you ever watched a movie that you just want to finish? A movie that’s boring, or just plain lame? If that’s the case, then 5 Second Movies might be for you. Although I wasn’t bored of this movie, I was able to find one of my favorite movies of all time in 5-Second format. It was all made possible by YouTube User, “GuyWithTheGlasses“. If you haven’t seen his 5 Second Movies (sometimes a tad longer), then you haven’t seen 5 Second Movies… wait, that doesn’t make sense… anyway, click on his name (up there) and check out his 5 Second Movie Madness. But before you do, enjoy my Daily Moment of Zen, and one of my favorite movies of all time, in 5 Seconds!

Enjoy? (Please Circle Your Answer)
A – Yes I did { Sweet! I’m glad you did! }
B – No I didn’t { You must like the Barbie cartoon movies, don’t you! }

Does anyone else hate the V train as much as I do? I’d write what I think the “V” stands for, but that would be a little too predictable, and I don’t want to put my randomness at risk. Though the V runs extremely slow, I will admit, the people who travel on that train are pretty interesting people. Ever meet the “5th Avenue Homeless Woman Hater” Man? That guy’s hilarious! Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s hilarious, but the stuff he yells about is downright disgusting and wrong. Some girl must’ve really ripped this guys heart from his chest. If I run into him again, I’ll have to remember to write down one of his famous lines. He’s a classic subway dweller, along with Lexington Avenue’s “Yell at a Random Train Rider from the Platform” Girl, and West 4th’s own “Not Gonna Lie, I’m Gonna Use This Money For Crack” Man.

I didn’t watch all of the Oscars. In fact, I only watched the best short film EVER win an Oscar, and then shut it off. What short film was it, might you ask? It was none other than West Bank Story! Check out the Trailer… Hilarious!

Hmm… a lot of videos in this post. Sweet?

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