FameCast – Part 1 – Starting Over

30 05 2007

A while back, I spent a lot of energy promoting an online competition that my band was in (FameCast). In each round, fans can vote for their favorite artists, and the top artists in each round keep moving on, until there is a Top 5. Those 5 artists get flown to Austin, TX to perform in the FameCast Fenom Finals. The show is webcasted live, and once the show is over, fans go back online and vote for the overall winner. That winner receives $10,000 and National Exposure.

Flashback: Last season, we made it all the way to the Top 5 Round on FameCast’s Pop stage. However, a conflict between the date of the show and the Jewish holiday of Passover made it impossible to go. After spending all of my energy, and the energy of our fans, we were left with no choice to withdraw, as FameCast was unable to come to a compromise between the timing of the holiday and the show.

Flash Forward: Season 2 of the FameCast Fenom competition started last night for us, on the brand new “Singer/Songwriter” stage, which seems to be much better suited for our music. This season, I’m not sure how much more energy I can put into promoting the competition. From now until our ending point of this online version of American Idol, I’ll be documenting our efforts into making it back to Austin, and our own experiences with the fans and artists at FameCast to give you an inside track on what kind of mentality lies behind this kind of competition.

The round we are in right now is the “Open Submission” round, which ends on Tuesday, June 5th at 12pm Eastern. Voting in this round determines the Top 50 artists to move on in the competition.

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

If you’d like to vote, whether you enjoy our submitted video, you want to fuel our efforts, or would like to continue this blog series, here’s how you can vote:

1) Create a Fan by going to: http://www.famecast.com/registerfan.php
2) Verify your email address after you register.
3) Head to our current Voting Page to: http://www.soundscapesoul.com/famecast1
4) Click on the “Vote For This Artist” icon on the left side of the voting page, next to our video.

Voting Tip: Every email address you use is worth 1 vote. If you have more than 1 email address, use them to make fan accounts if you’d like to submit more than 1 vote. (This is something we shyd away from last season, but it seemed to be somewhat of a normal practice among the marketing strategies of artists on the website.)

How does one appropriately end this first installment of the FameCast series? With a Daily Moment oz Zen, of course!


HR Kitty

25 05 2007

stopped by to visit us in the office today! Hooray HR Kitty!

HR Kitty Lounging

In honor of HR Kitty’s visit, I share with you my Daily Moment of Zen, brought to you by Adam West.

What a ridiculous name for a cat!

Attention New Yorkers

22 05 2007

Mets Empire State Building

That is all…

Rocket Man

21 05 2007

Today is my sister’s birthday, so I’ll be spending the day with her instead of writing a cool new blog. But until then, please enjoy your helping of the Daily Moment of Zen, brought to you by Elton John, William Shatner, and the one and only, Stewie Griffin!

And I think it’s gonna be a long… long… time…

If that didn’t do the trick, maybe you need a little Saxophone therapy. Take it away Bill!

*sigh*… Night Court…

The Times They Are A-Changin’

20 05 2007

Friday night was the first night of the Subway Series. For those of you who are baseball deficient (which are few, but I won’t go hatin’), The New York Mets and the New York Yankees play each other for two three-game series’ during the course of the MLB Season. This year’s Subway Series is particularly different for a couple of reasons.

1) In celebration of the Subway Series, the Empire State Building will change its colors. Starting on friday night, the tower was to have Yankee Blue and White on the North and South sides. The East and West sides of the tower was to have Metropolitan Blue and Orange. The winner of this month’s Subway Series will have their team colors shown on all four sides of the Empire State Building’s tower.

2) The Mets went into this year’s subway series with a 26-14 Record and a 1.5 Game lead in the National League East. The Yankees entered the Subway Series with an 18-21 Record and 9.5 Games behind the Boston Red Sox. Clearly, without debating on what league is better, the Mets have had the better season this far.

So, with these 2 tangibles entering the Subway Series, it was obvious that the Yankees were the team “on the ropes”. A Subway Series loss to the Mets might not mean much this early in the season, but it would add to an already dismal start to the Yankees’ 2007 Season.

With the series over, here is how it all went down:

Game 1: Mets 3, Yankees 2
– Mets are now 2 Games ahead of Atlanta and alone 1st Place in the NL East
– Yankees are now 10 Games behind Boston and are tied for 2nd in the AL East

Game 2: Mets 10, Yankees 7
– Mets are now 2.5 Games ahead of Atlanta for 1st Place in the NL East
– Yankees are now 10.5 Games behind Boston and alone in 4th Place in the AL East

Game 3: Yankees 6, Mets 2
– Mets are now 2.5 Games ahead of Atlanta for 1st Place in the NL East
– Yankees are now 10.5 Games behind Boston and tied for 3rd Place in the AL East


Subway Series Tower
There’s a new King of New York!

Yo Bob! Hows about my Daily Moment of Zen! I’m thinkin’ a little… Theme Song?

Bob Costas is the man!


16 05 2007

Bored at work? Enough to do the Electric Slide?

[ Go on.. start reminiscing about that Bar-Mitzvah, Wedding, or Sweet Sixteen where you were forced into the massive line of Electric Sliders… Hurts, doesn’t it? ]

Why don’t we check in on how Trybecca and Ashley like to spend their “bored” time at work, shall we?

It’s Electric! Boogiewoogiewoogie!

I bet you thought that was my Daily Moment of Zen, huh? Well, you were wrong… Ready?… Wait for it… Wait for it…

Dance! Dance with me!

Stuck in Whitlock

15 05 2007

It feels like ages since I’ve heard anything about Don Imus and his harem of ho’s, but that all changed this morning. While browsing SNY‘s YouTube videos, I was introduced to Jason Whitlock, a sports writer for the Kansas City Star. In the video I’m about to post, he offers some insight on how the Imus situation was mishandled. Somebody give this guy Al Sharpton’s job, please!

Mr. Whitlock, if you ever feel the need to take over for the troublemaker (aka: Angry Al), you have my vote (Purely based on the point you made at the end of that video). Better yet, I’ll show you my gratitude in the form of my Daily Moment of Zen. Enjoy!

Anybody need a flying elephant?

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