Chanukah always makes me wonder…

3 12 2010

…if there are any commercial radio stations anywhere in the United States that play all-day ‘Chanukah classics’ during this time of year. I’d tune in to that over Mariah Carey trying to convince me over and over that all she wants for Christmas is me… Lies, Mariah! Lies and Shenanigans! My significant other would like a word with you!

Speaking of Chanukah… What has Chanukah Harry brought you this year? So far, he’s given me the gift of M&Ms, and the gift of the Mets non-tendering John Maine. So far, so good!


יהיה טוב

9 11 2010

Being unemployed since August, I’ve come to realize that sometimes you just need to take a walk. The stress of unemployment is too dangerous to one’s health to sit at a computer screen all day, mindlessly sending out resumes and cover letters to employers who probably received around 300 resumes a day that look just like the rest. As the stress of trying to make yourself stand out from the rest of the unemployed builds, it’s okay to step away for a few hours, a day, even a few days, and just take a walk. Take a look around you, take a deep breath, and remember that everything is going to get better. Someone out there is going to see your skills, your talents, your potential, and scoop you up from the ranks of the unemployed. Each and every day I am thankful for having people in my life who care about me, look out for me, and are there for me to lean on for guidance and love. Please, lean on these people in your life for the same guidance and love.

Getting back to the topic, what I also realized is how much I’ve missed songwriting, and I need to start doing more of that, as well as performing/recording my music. I feel blessed and appreciative every day when I see that music lovers and listeners still watch videos, share them with their friends and family, and purchase it to keep it for their very own. Just knowing that happens every day makes me miss doing what I love and what I’m so great at. I need to get back into the music, and I’m going to. I’m much happier, relaxed, and calmer when I’m immersed in music. My great friend Gedaliah (whose blog is linked on the right side of the page), who I’ve done most of my writing/recording/performing with, is working with me to create more of the music we both love, and I’m excited to share it with everyone who is reading this (whoever you are) when its ready.

In the words of one of my favorite Israeli musicians, David Broza, “יהיה טוב” or “Yihyeh Tov”. It will be good.

Chocolate Rain? Have Some Berries!

5 09 2008

Tay Zonday has got nothing on Richie Rich, The Kangol Kid and Mixmaster Ice. Say who? Say what? That’s right, I said it. Forget Chocolate Rain! Like it was stated over at MetsBlog, I too was upset with myself for not knowing that this song was in existence. Ignore the random images in the video and keep your ears tuned to the 1987 smash hit, known as “Chocolate Strawberry”.

He took 3rd base while you wasn’t lookin’ (God bless grammar!)

Put Down The Duckie!

16 07 2008

[ Thanks to “What Would Keith Do” for this video ]

I always love finding videos that take me back to my childhood, but finding this video brought together two things I loved when I was growing up: Sesame Street and the New York Mets!

You’d better listen to the ‘stache!

Heads up, Jesus!

24 04 2008

Matt Has an Epiphany!

16 04 2008

My dear friend and musical partner in crime, Matt, has been locking himself in his room for days. I couldn’t find any way to get him to come out! Finally, I had a friend of ours plant a webcam in his room to find out what in the world he’s been doing with himself. Our findings were shocking… take a look.

Red Alert! Mayday!

Let Me Sleep On It!

10 04 2008

Here’s another video (only the 2nd or 3rd) that I stole from my sister’s blog. AT&T went out and hired Rock Legend, Meatloaf,  and Former Pop Star, Tiffany. What did they hire them for? For a super awesome cover of Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” to promote a AT&T’s ‘Go Phone’. I’m not always for the cheesy celebrity commercials, but this one was just plain awesome. Enjoy!

Anyone for Tiff-Loaf?

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