You Stay Classy, Brian Sabean!

4 06 2011

In case you missed it, SF Giants catcher Buster Posey had his season ended via leg injury after taking a hard collision at the plate from Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins. If you can find a replay of the collision, it looks like a run-of-the-mill home plate collision; something that is a legal move in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately for Buster, he ended up injured and out for the rest of the season. One would think, “Hey, its part of the game, and it happens.” But I know one man who thinks otherwise. Since the injury, Cousins has contacted Posey, to no avail, but has apologized both publicly and to the Posey family. So this should be behind us, right? Wrong.

Giants GM Brian Sabean had some choice words for Scott Cousins on the radio in San Francisco, calling the collision “malicious” and adding “If I never hear from Cousins again or he never plays another game in the big leagues, I think we’ll all be happy.” Add that onto the fact that Cousins has been receiving death threats for his “malicious” play at the plate, and we’ve got a world-class instigator in Mr. Sabean.

Hey… Brian… I may not have a lick of major league experience… But last I checked, you don’t have a lick of experience either. Do you know what its like to be in that situation? Do you know what goes on in the heads of both the runner and catcher? You sure talk like you do. Can you look directly into the lens of a camera, instead of hiding behind the microphone, and tell us all that Scott Cousins had it set in his mind to injure Buster Posey? Injuries happen. The right thing to do would have been to tend to your own player, and let the two of them “man up”, like Cousins has been trying to do. Instead, you look like the same irresponsible buffoon who, according to that controversial investigation, knew he had a ‘user’ on his team and kept his mouth shut so he could keep the cash flow running thanks to Señor Shrinky Balls.

The most recent ‘official statement’ reads: “Brian has been in contact with Larry Beinfest… to assure him that there is no ill will toward the player.”

lolwut!? Did you not hear what you said on the radio as you said it? The guy is receiving death threats, and what you said shows no ‘ill will’? How in the world did you become a major league GM with that kind of etiquette? Either way, you’ve got a lot of apologizing to do, and you need to start with Cousins. Sorry, Giants fans, he’s all yours. Minaya might have been a mental case when it came to controlling in-house antics, but he was very careful with his GM-to-player public statements.


Sandy Promised Me a Pony!

7 11 2010

First off, before I begin this little baseball rant, I have to congratulate the San Francisco Giants on achieving the ultimate goal and bringing the city of San Francisco its first World Series Championship. However, I have to say I’m not thrilled about the post-win reaction by the hometown fans. Tsk… Tsk…

Anyway, this isn’t a Giants Blog, its more of a Mets blog, so here goes the rant. It’s been a rough 4 years. Now, I’m not saying Mets fans have it as bad as some other fans across the league. We really don’t… (I’m looking at you, Cubs fans). But the last 4 years, again, have been some seriously rough years. The Wilpons have had an awful image, along with their parade of shmucks that ran rampant within the organization. Luckily, Jeff took the binky out of his mouth and uttered the words a lot of fans wanted to hear for a while… “It’s time for a change”. With that, Omar and crew were no more, and a new era has apparently started in Flushing. What era, do you ask? Well, its none other than the Sandy Alderson era.

Who is Sandy Alderson? I don’t know, and I don’t care to know. See, I’m a ‘results over words’ kind of guy. While local and national sports media and blogs have been salivating over this guy, I could care less about his past or his credentials. As I told a good friend, “the Mets could hire any shmuck they want as long as he/she gets the job done”.

I Can Haz GM Job!?

Shortly after he was hired, Mr. Alderson decided it would be a good idea to answer some fan tweets via video response on the Mets website. I didn’t get a chance to watch it (nor do I really want to) but judging from the general blog and sports media response of “Sandy Promised Me a Winner!”, I can’t help but be reminded of the long-time World of Warcraft slogan, “Ghostcrawler Promised Me a Pony!”. I hear you, Sandy, but I’m not listening just yet. Stop answering tweets, stop sending out “Manager Search Update” emails, and get going. You’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do. Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject, tear down Citifield and rebuild Shea Stadium. Kthxbye!

Who Cut The Cheese?

10 03 2008

Remember this year’s Super Bowl? The one where the Giants did the impossible and put a stop to the undefeated hopes and dreams of the Patriots? I do… but that’s not what I remember the most. While I am a football fan (Jets fan, but I respect what the Giants accomplished), I remember that the Super Bowl commercials were kind of bland this year. Lucky for me, I just ran across a Bud Light advertisement that was ‘apparently’ deemed inappropriate for airing during the Super Bowl. If you enjoy a bit of toilet humor, then you’ll love this commercial. Ready? Set? Laugh!

Does pulling your finger help you cut the cheese?

The Catch – Recreated

21 02 2008

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you’ll remember Eli Manning’s incredible pass to David Tyree that ended in an even more incredible catch, and an eventual game-winning drive for the Giants over the “then” undefeated New England Patriots. My good friend Ethan made a little video, recreating “The Catch”, and I’d like to share it with all of you. If you have the time, leave Ethan a comment about it over at the YouTube video page.

The 2009 Patriots Theme Song!

14 02 2008

Welcome to Perfectville

5 02 2008

Months ago, I trashed Reebok for allowing a misprinted advertisement to be posted on the NYC subways. Hopefully, nobody was fired, but who knows. But today, I’m praising Reebok for their newest advertisement. Now, I’m no Giants fan, but I was happy to see the Giants beat New England in the Super Bowl. I’m a Jets fan at heart, and any day the Patriots lose is a great day. There’s no better way to sell your product AND shove it in the face of New England, than by releasing this gem of a commercial.

Happy Off-Season, Pats!

Bonds Indicted and A-Rod Extended

15 11 2007

Today was the day. Barry Bonds, former outfielder and Home Run King of the San Francisco Giants, has been indicted on Perjury and Obstruction of Justice charges. The indictment comes about 4 years after the start of a tenuous investigation.

Click Here to View the ‘U.S. vs Bonds’ Indictment Papers

In other news, A-Rod had apparently agreed on an outline of a 10 year deal with the Yankees in the ballpark of $275 million. Anyone surprised? Not me! If anybody is going to break Bonds’ record, he’ll do it, as long as he stays consistently healthy.

As far as the bigger baseball news of the day, I personally have no opinion on Barry Bonds and his personal troubles (financial and baseball). But I’d be happy to hear your opinions on the indictment.

Happy Baseball Day!
(That was half sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell)

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