Presidential Pokemon

31 03 2008

While the first video shows Barack Obama as the winner of the upcoming presidential election, that doesn’t mean I share that same vision of ‘hope’. As it turns out, I’ve lost all interest in this year’s Presidential Election. I’m a big fan of Ron Paul, and I hope he shows up during the final campaigns as a nominee. Wait, did I say Ron Paul? It’s too bad you can’t sense sarcasm from reading words on a screen. If you could hear me read that last sentence back to you, it would make me laugh too! But aside from all that hoopla , I’ve been completely turned off by all of the inter-party bickering between Clinton and Obama supporters. As a registered democrat, I no longer feel like I’m part of a united party, but part of a divided a party. (Sarcasm… taking over… make it stop!)

(Thanks CNN and FoxNews for brainwashing me with those terms, and thanks K.C. for helping me point out my own sarcasm!)

But I digress… Enjoy this awesome clip of one person’s vision of this year’s presidential race!

For some reason, ‘Obamachu’ just sounds wrong…

It could also go down like this…

She should have used “Bill’s Big Mouth”!

Since a good majority of readers who’ve left their comments here and on other sites haven’t been able to read into my sense of humor and assume I’m actually supporting anyone, I’ll have to get serious for a moment. If the selection for President of the United States came down to my vote, it would have to go to these guys. (Serious? Me? Did you fall for the sarcasm again? I just can’t stop!)

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Photo Time: Uno-Leg Pigeon

31 03 2008

This past weekend, I was on my way to Staten Island. When I got to the ferry terminal in Manhattan, I noticed a couple of NYPD officers making fun of a Pigeon that had been walking around them. Wondering why they were making fun of the poor little guy, I decided to take a closer look. When I did, I discovered that he wasn’t walking… he was hopping!

One Leg Pigeon
Poor little guy…

Photo Time: Dude, Where’s My Car?

31 03 2008

Car Truck

Photo Time: God Is Watching You

31 03 2008

From his 3rd story apartment in Brooklyn!

Head Out Window


Peek A Boo

Canseco – The Poem

27 03 2008

~ by J Soul
(Also found at the Global Mets Fan Blog)

Go Away Jose
I don’t care what you have to say
Stop publishing your greed-driven books
Because I’ll be the last one to pay

You’ve tarnished the reputations of many
With a disgusting smirk on your face
How much money is it going to take
To put you in your place

What’s important now are the children
And the harm these drugs can do
But you don’t care about all that
Just the careers you want to screw

Now that I think of it
You probably needed the ‘roids in your ass
We all know that without them
You couldn’t have hit the ball over of the infield grass

Let it be known that nobody is safe
As long as Jose raises his brow
If you can hit or throw a baseball
You must’ve gotten the drugs somehow

Back that @ss up, right into Jose’s needle!

Dave No Likey Ashton

26 03 2008

Like Dave Chappelle? Hate Ashton Kutcher? Then this video is perfect for you! Once again, another video that proves to me that Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time! Seriously though… if you can’t take a little racial humor, then don’t watch this video (Just a little fair warning before you start posting weird comments on the post). Enjoy!

&!@$ Ashton Kutcher!

Snooping Into The Past

26 03 2008

Back in October of 1991, my uncle was involved (and almost killed) in a terrible shooting out in Lake Success (Long Island). I never knew a whole lot about what happened, except for the broken pieces of the story I’ve heard from my uncle. I remember seeing a television segment that shows police sending a robot into Andy’s house, so yesterday, I decided to do some internet snooping to see if I could find any newspaper articles or videos on what happened. To my surprise, I found an old New York Times article, and a video on YouTube. The video is the same footage I saw on television, just a few years after the shooting had happened.

Crazy… Just Crazy…

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