You Got Punched!

14 11 2007

Believe in Your Dreams!


Really!?! – Larry Craig

7 10 2007


Willie and Omar Have Answers

7 10 2007


The Ideal Business Meeting

5 10 2007

Damn You Gigantic Turkey Sub!

Andy Attack!

3 10 2007

Yep, it’s yet another SNL Digital Short. I just can’t help it. Andy Samberg has really grasped on to a killer concept in these shorts! Of course, the “shorts” concept on SNL was hatched way back in the show beginnings, but Andy sure has done a great job of making the shorts a big part of the show! Now, as much as I love “Dick in a Box”, “Iran So Far”, and “Natalie’s Gangster Rap”… this short blows the rest of them away, in my own crazy little world. Enjoy what I like to call, “Andy Attack!” (Even though it’s clearly not the name of this short)

Bad Will Forte… You should know better!

Hot When Angry

3 10 2007

Indeed she is… Indeed she is…

Get Your Boxes Ready!

2 10 2007

30 Helens agree. There’s always time for a Dick in a Box!

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