Damn Thijs, You Scary!

3 04 2008

Not really… just the singer. See, when I saw this video of Focus performing ‘Hocus Pocus’, I was way more taken in by the drummer’s ridiculous skills. But when Thijs van Leer opened his mouth, my jaw dropped. At first, I wanted to shut the video off as quickly as possible. I felt a little concerned about the well-being of his vocal chords. But after a while, I finally opened up to all of the cool improvising he was getting into (especially the whistling and the flute playing). So, in retrospect, I’m not scared of Focus at all. They were and still are a kickass progressive rock band. So please, enjoy some Focus!

Absolutely kickass!


Major League Greedball – Cabreraball

24 03 2008

This morning, I read an article on ESPN.com about another “big” signing in Major League Baseball. The Detroit Tigers are all set to sign newly acquired 3rd Baseman, Miguel Cabrera, to an 8-year contract worth $153.3 Million! If I wasn’t annoyed about salaries in professional sports, I am now. I’m not going to make any “Statistical” arguments about why nobody in baseball should make nearly that much. I’m going to make a more practical argument.

Everyday in this country, teachers are getting short-changed. Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. I’m not a teacher, but I have a lot of friends who are, and who are struggling to make a living for themselves because they don’t make nearly as much as they deserve. What can a teacher do for you? A teacher can give you building blocks and motivate you to be whoever and do whatever you want to be successful. A teacher can show you that you should always reach for your dreams and goals. Education is so important in the growth of our children in this country, and all over the world. As a matter of fact, teachers are so important, that they could teach people like Rosanne Barr how NOT to sing the National Anthem like this…

I remember this… and I remember throwing up afterwards…

They could also give Ashlee Simpson’s sound guy come sound career advice when he screws things up for poor Miss Simpson…

“Saving her voice” my @ss. If she can’t hold her own on stage and resorts to ‘over-dubbing’, then she shouldn’t be performing live…

What kind of message does this Cabrera contract signing send towards the children of this country who need education and teachers? In my own opinion, it doesn’t send any positive messages towards the kids of America, except for a message of greed. Basically, if you can play baseball well, you’ll be rewarded with all the money you could dream of. So, play the game to get rich… because if you play the game unselfishly and because you love the game, you’ll end up making as much as a Tampa Bay Ray. (I still think of them as the Devil Rays)

When I see my elementary school, middle school, and high school teacher friends making as much as professional athletes, I’ll be more interested in the sport of baseball, and other professional sports, like I was when I was growing up. It’s one thing to earn a living, being a professional athlete. But to play the game for greed is a whole other story.

But on another note, as a Mets fan, I sure am glad to see Miguel in the American League. Happy Trails, Miguel!

I Knew It!

4 03 2008

Oh Sarah, you naughty girl you!

Jimmy Strikes Back!

What makes this second video hilarious (aside from the obvious running joke that Jimmy and Sarah have going) is the amount of celebrities that participated in this video. Yet another reason why I still think Jimmy was the better “Man Show” host! Go Jimmy!

Live Music versus Produced Music

26 02 2008

Remember the good ol’ days when musicians and artists would play live shows, and sounds just like (or even better than) their recorded albums? I sure miss those days. Paul Simon live sounded like a Paul Simon record. Billy Joel live sounded like a Billy Joel record. I’m sure you can catch my drift. Well, times have seemingly changed, and I felt like blogging about a topic that I’ve debated with some of my friends for a long while. What I’m going to do is share two videos, featuring a band called “Panic! At The Disco”. One video will be a produced music video, and the other will be a live performance. I’m interested in hearing which version of the song sounds better, and why you think so.

Remember, be as open and honest as possible. I’m really interested in hearing your truthful non-biased opinions. Watch, and discuss!



Somebody Call Nine One One!

21 02 2008

9/11 Videos

A few days ago, on the way home from Union Square, I saw this setup against a wall in the ‘L’ subway station. Each section of the cardboard setup that you see above featured a DVD that was about 9/11 and all of the ‘conspiracy’ theories that surround it. The photo doesn’t show much, and I only took it because I thought my phone was in ‘video’ mode. A fair amount of college-aged people were approaching the setup and asking questions, while the middle-aged and older crowd of the subway station backed off, and that got me thinking about what people really think about the events of that day.

What do you think about 9/11 conspiracy theories? I’m interested in hearing some of your opinions.

While I wait for your responses, I invite you watch today’s Video Zen with me. Enjoy!

I’m going to see him at Shea in July! Woohoo!

Clapton Fans?

4 01 2008

Well, this isn’t originally a Clapton song, but he does perform it a lot! “Before You Accuse Me” is a classic Bo Diddley tune, and I recently performed it with Soundscape Soul (my band with good friend Matt Aronson) at The Knitting Factory in New York City. I hope you all enjoy it!

I’m on TV!

9 11 2007

Okay, I’m not REALLY on TV, but a friend of mine created a commercial spot for my band. Eli Poulin, who performed with my band in Austin, TX back in July, created a super cool commercial to help promote our music in the iTunes Music Store! Excuse me, for I’m still a little giddy after watching it for the 50th time! Check it out!

Super Cool!

In other news, my band is back in the Top 10 on FameCast.com for the 3rd straight season, and we’re hoping to get enough support to make it back to Austin for the 2nd straight season. If you haven’t yet, cast your vote for us on the Pop Stage, so we can perform for you during a Live Webcast that you can watch right there on your computer. To find our voting page, click here. All you need to do is create a fanatic/vote account, or log in to your current account (if you’ve already created one). Once you’re all logged on, head back to our voting page and click on the “Vote” button while our video is playing. If you cast your vote once a day, we’ll be sure to make it back to Austin for another show!

Send this blogger back to Texas!

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